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Fishing holes in Guild Halls are capped or just don't respawn

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5 hours ago, Rumpus.1234 said:

I noticed this as well, also in Lost Precipice. No idea if it's intended behavior, but it is annoying. We put a lot of work into those guild halls, and it's a pleasure to fish without enemies attacking the skiff.

To add on that, guild halls maps don't close so we don't risk to lose fishing stacks there. I hope it gets addressed.

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One thing to beware of, Lost Precipe and Gilded Hollow are both Heart of Maguuma, so share the same cap. Windswept Haven and Isle of Reflection have separate caps.


This is also likely intentional, to keep players from fishing in an instance all day. Historically the devs don't like players to spend large amounts of time in instanced content because other players don't see them and it makes the game world look dead. Fractals, strikes, etc. are an exception because they still have public meetups and LFGs where they are visible to other players, especially in hubs.

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