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Core Necro


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I am looking for some help on a core spec necro.  I don't have any elite classes yet so plese don't mention them.  I usually play solo or with my wife.  I want to have survival ability and do open world content.  From what I have been reading and there has been very little in the first 8 pages of the forums on core, is that dual dagger is not a good idea.  From what I gathered it looked like a power necro was best.  I usually run with minions out.  

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You have to get Speed of Shadows, Eternal Life,  Shrouded Removal and Unholy Sanctuary and slot in a stunbreak to cover most threats. For weapons there are Axe/Warhorn, melee is more dangerous than ranged and should be left to Reapers.

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Playing core necro in PvE is a gigantic waste of life time. This spec is far behind everything else in terms of damage. Killing stuff takes ages, while your basic sustain is already over the top. NOT recommended!

If you still want to play core necro in PvE, then play full glass (berserker gear), full wells, dagger+warhorn and axe+focus. Traitlines should be spite+soulreaping for yor damage and blood magic to support your wife.

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My main is a core necro/minion master.  I throw my minions at them, then use the staff to drop marks all over.  I love it! I can kill pretty much anything I run into while roaming (that is not a big event critter), and rarely die.   😎

For my build I use death, blood, and soul reaping. He is about halfway to reaper. 

Armor is whatever exotics I picked up along the way, with lich runes applied.

Weapon is staff. He also has dual daggers but I rarely use them.  

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I run full berserk minion necro with spite,death magic and blood magic with staff. In spite pick the fear giving you quickness point. Deathmagic i go minion defence and dmg + death nova for even more minions. Bloodmagic i go with the leech aura and heal when using skill 4. This build is ez street and if u want to be even more of a tank pick the protection point instead of death nova.

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Use this build run around permanent in shroud blasting people autoattacking.

Use Spite 131, curses 233, Soul reaping 333

Take Scepter Dagger, Axe Warhorn

Skills: signet heal, spectral armor, spectral grasp, signet of undeath, Plaguelands.

if you use minions then u can keep minion heal skill, minion elite(flesh golem) and another minion instead of spectral armor.

Use cele gear, u get this from level boost otherwise you would need to aquire it.

U can also use power if you dont have celestial gear, just swap curses with death magic 332, scepter with staff and use berserker gear.


Just use spectral grasp grab enemies, go in shroud Use all skills, make sure to land fear on #3 to get lf back and just keep rolling you wont run out of shroud.

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go spite for power damage (zerker gear)

go curses for condi damage (viper's or something)

go deathmagic if you want to become tanky + if you insist on using minions

go bloodmagic if you want to heal more and support your better half

go soulreaping almost always.


now if you think you lack one thing but you have enough of others (like for example: you kill everything quick enough but die a lot), then swap spite for deathmagic for example.


use different builds for different situations. To kill some trash-mobs you barely need a build. it's more a heropoint / champion Question.



double dagger is not that good cause MH Dagger is more power focused while offhand is more condi-focused.

axe/wh is your best bet for power

scepter/wh best for condi.

use focus for more Lifeforce if needed and staff for open world meta events (so you can tag a lot of mobs)


i could link all the metabattle-builds available but it's better to understand the things going on so you can switch if needed.

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This is similar to the build I use to roam in WvW. I've swapped out the conversion of Boons to Conditions on enemies, since PvE mobs tend not to have Boons per se:


The idea behind this build is sustain - you could swap the Power infusions for Vitality ones to increase your health. As you remove Condis, you gain stacks of Carapace. With the Deadly Shroud trait in Death Magic, you gain power for each stack of Carapace. I've seen long fights push my Power up near to, and over if I remember correctly, 4000. So, the longer the fight goes on, the more damage you will do.

You could swap out Dread and use Close to Death in the Spite line. Or use Blood Magic instead of Spite altogether - just to provide heals. Something like:



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