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Trickery Traits with Specter


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Yeah i dunno how a bunch of them would work, specifically the ones that augment your steal ability.

for example: "Slight of hand" it dazes your target and reduces the cooldown of steal. my question is what does it do if you do the ally targeting portion of specter steal? do i daze my teammate or is it just ignored?

would like a special note on how the specter spec effects these traits like how "Battle Presence" on guard has a note for willbender.

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16 hours ago, ASP.8093 said:

All of the Steal traits activate normally when you Siphon an enemy.

None of the Steal traits (except cooldown reductions?) apply to using Siphon on an ally.

Yes, that's right. They should change traits tooltips to say something like "Foes you steal from [something]" or "When you steal a foe [something]" to clarify that they don't work always when stealing.

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