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open world build recommendation


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It's probably full trailblazer or full celestial staff staff mirage. If you don't like double staff ranged playstyle you can use axe/x to have melee setup as well.

For general farming around the map i think virtuoso is the new "meta" with 1200 safe range to cast all your skills.

For open world pretty much anything works, unless you wanna go super hard content, in that case go watch lord hizen youtube videos, he has solid solo builds for every spec.

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If Elite mobs are the bar, then any Mesmer OW build from Metabattle will work.  If you want to get into Champ Bounties, Legendary mobs or soling instanced content, then Mirage is probably the best to choose.

Virtuoso probably has the easiest playstyle but offers the least sustain when compared to Chrono or Mirage.  However, any build can substitute in some sustain gear like Mauraders, Trailblazer or Celestial to provide some extra defenses and smooth out gameplay if you need it.

Mesmer - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds

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Something like this build should work well.  It has good damage and sustain from melee or range and can handle champions easily.

You can swap the torch for a pistol or just use staff if you like.  You can also use different utilities and sigils (I just throw cleansing sigil in there because the build is a little light on cleansing).  Trailblazer stats are a good option as well, if you prefer it to celestial. 

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