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Thief and skill split


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After the arguably really bad balance patch (in thief's point of view) I think something is pretty obvious.

Thieves, way more than any other profession, need a big PvE, PvP, WvW skill split across every weapon set in terms of damage.

I get it. Thieves get a lot of hate, primarily because of stealth in environments where you can fight another human being. Stealth is very strong against them (not so much against AI). So there has to be counter play and the damage needs to be toned down, otherwise it would be too strong and too frustrating to play against.

Because of the fact that thieves have the easiest (mesmer might be high up in that list as well) way to get into stealth, thieves damage gets toned down the most as well.

If you look into it PvE wise, a lot of times you stealth and some mobs are still attacking you for a bit before stopping and you immediately get aggro back after you go out of stealth. Then there are encounters with perma revealed.Then there is the argument about deadeye rifle which is pretty bad in PvE but can't ofc not get higher damage because of PvP (stealth/range).While it is simply not true that range dmg = lower dmg (look at elementalist, granted max dmg is in melee for overload or whatever) it has a higher dmg potential in range than deadeyes rifle.

Thieves dmg with backstab is themed around huge single target DPS, which is just not true. All because of PvP, same with rifle.

So Anet showed they can skill split between game modes and thief is the profession which needs it desparately across all weapon sets in terms of power damage.Please up the damage of specific weapons in PvE to get the same power level than every other profession is (not every yes, I see already necro complains here, but I say again, where is the high(est) single target DPS?!).

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Well... arguably... players could just get good against stealth.

7 of the 9 classes have the ability to reveal stealthed players. No one ever takes the abilities that do that. And yet they want to bitch and moan about thieves being strong? Keep in mind only Deadeye has the ability to remove revealed. And Revealed prevents you from re-entering stealth.

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