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Can we have a 2nd accessory ascended trinket for all the POF stat?


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So I notice heart vendors and primeval steward in POF map now sells ascended trinket with POF stat (Harrier, Marshall and Grieving stat) and I was excited with their addition as I was planning to get POF stat trinket for my all characters to play around build crafting but I notice that all 3 stat have only 2 ring, 1 amulet and 1 accessory leaving out a 2nd accessory slot. I really hope Anet will add another accessory to be sold in the future for a complete set POF stat trinkets like in core laurel vendor. *I know you can get another accessory with POF stat by buying them on some LS3 map but I prefer to have a unique trinket skin for each stat, as someone who farm lots of LS3 map currency to get all the 9 different HOT stat (yes i have 9 full set with duplicates trinkets skin) it was exhausting getting them all and a pain to collect different currency for different trinkets. A centralize currency by just farming in POF map will allow me to focus getting them all easily for a complete set rather than going to farm a different currency for a different type of trinket.

*Edit: Sorry had to double check, it seems LS3 trinkets don't give the option to select POF stat, my mistake. Only Raid trinket have POF stat. I just assume they added it since raid trinket was given the option. So the only way to get a full ascended POF trinket stat right now is getting the 2nd accessory slot from Raid trinket or the legendary accessory Aurora which is far more time consuming and harder.

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