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Gemstore collections [suggestion]


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This is going to require Mike and the others who run the show to do some compromising, which I am not very confident they are willing to do, but I will try anyway:

Anet needs money, that much has been blatantly obvious. Players haven't exactly been unified in their opinions of how Anet has chosen to make money.Among the complaints is the issue that Anet keeps adding new skins and such to the gem store, and not enough similar content as in-game rewards. While my main issue is with the gambling aspect, I agree with the others regarding this problem where we keep getting glider skins, weapon skins, etc. that are gem store items. For some, it's not even about the RNG aspects, it's just that they would rather play the game to get an item they want, as opposed to just outright buying it (side request: please implement "Crafted " titles).

Here is my proposal, which is a compromise on both the side of the players, and on Anet's side:

-Create new items such as outfits, glider skins, mount skins, weapon skins, etc. just like would normally be expected for the gem-store.
-Sell them at normal gem store prices-Sell a collection unlock for 25% of that price, and create a collection journey that rewards the item as the collection achievement, along with an appropriate title to go with it.

People who want the item now can outright buy it. People who want the item as an in game reward can pay substantially less, but have a time investment into playing the game in order to achieve it. Both methods can use cash->gems or gold->gems to obtain.The compromise on Arenanets part is they would need to optimize the current collection system in order to allow for quick, accurate, bug-free, and polished collection paths for the items.

800gems for an outfit, or 800 gems for a glider skin, but 200gems to unlock the collection that has time gating and other requirements in it is a fair trade off. Arenanet makes gem sales off the users who don't care to do the collections, as well as those who don't want to spend the gold for 200gems. Those who want an item as an in game reward get to pay a small amount, and not only get the item, but a title to show off that they completed the collection.

Collections are a mechanic that is already in place. We have hundreds of karma vendors across Tyria, hundreds of events and so on. Making the collections, if the existing code isn't a pile of spaghetti, that utilize these things should be something that could be streamlined into a process.

Things that need to not happen, in order to avoid forum raging due to similar things that have happened in the past:

  1. Anet needs to prioritize bugs in the collections. Charging someone 200gems for a collection unlock and then having progress blocking bugs that show up for 25% of the players is simply going to appear as if you're being lax in hopes that they'll just cave in and pay another 800gems for the item they are after.
  3. Use resources that already exist in game. I know you've done this before, because I've helped people with some of their legendary and precursor crafting, and some require the same events in order to obtain different tokens.
  4. Don't slap the exact same collection path on every single item. Using in game resources is fine, but if you make it incredibly repetative, this idea will fail out of the gate. If there is a "set" of items, such as a zebra stripe pattern skin set for mounts, having people pay 200gems for each mount type collection unlock is fine, and in this one case, having the collection part be 95% identical is probably ok (ask other players about this, obviously).

I can only speak for myself here, but I suspect there are other players who also are getting tired of the "hey, let's try this new thing" pattern that Arenanet has shown to be so fond of. How about we use some of the game mechanics that are already in game and relatively bug free? With the rifts, and the bloodstone shards, etc, we've seen proof that you can create collections that interact with existing NPC's, etc. This idea I'm presenting doesn't require new mechanics to be put in place.

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