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Option to toggle target distance please.


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I do not care about staring at my skill bar, to determine if I’m in range with all the different distances of skills, while I’m fighting in wvw.

My request was pretty clear. I do not believe I could have made it simpler to understand... I want to select target and have a number above the target that indicates the distance to the target. Is this understandable?

Edit- Just so we are on the same page...

-Select target.

-Number above target indicates distance.

-Target zips around and indicator constantly shows distance.

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@Swagger.1459 said:

@Pelto.9364 said:Is it skill to know when target is close enough? The longer we play, the better we are in estimating ranges.

Players shouldn't be left to "estimate" skill ranges.

They aren't. If you hover over the skill or press on it before choosing a casting location, it will show a little circle of how big the ability is and how far. I found that using the setting to not lock your skill placement to its maximum range if you point your mouse further. Honestly needing the exact range of an enemy is not needed. I have never encountered a problem with this. If you have played enough for ranged classes you know exactly when the target reaches your skill range even without the tooltip. Play some staff ele or some well necro and you will know.

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