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There are some foul toxic players in SPvP. Should they be reported?

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I seen and experienced some major foul toxic players in SPvP. I remember playing with somebody random in 2v2 once to try it out, and we lost and the player hurl cuss words at me and told the other team players to report me. I never said a word the whole match and just waited for my chance to leave the game room back to the lobby. 

I had another instance in which a player cussed and called me all sorts of foul names for guarding a control point in conquest. I never respond to this toxic behavior. But should this behavior be reported by the community members? 

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One of the report options is "Verbal Abuse" so if you feel verbally abused it would make sense to use it, no?


Of course the option to just block and/or ignore them will always remain, but this is the year 2022. I'm fairly certain people would rather get offended and then proceed to dye their hair blue at some point or another.

18 minutes ago, Kuya.6495 said:

Of course you should be reporting these people. But how effective Anet's response to these reports is the real question.

Verbal Abuse reports are Arenanet's biggest concern.

Teleporting fly hackers and bots can go about a week before getting banned, but heavens forbid some player calls another a silly mean name.


Oh, and match manipulation/Idle player reports 😂

Gotta be in the match to even get the option, and 100% those reports just get thrown in the trash.

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You either have employees review each report and handle things on a case by case or you have an automated system that handles reports and bans.

Anet lacks the man power if you consider how many reports come in daily and its also easy to abuse an automated system.

Anet should really do an integration of both methods in which they only recieve reports of repeated behavior over a certain length of time. They would then issue out a ban on a case by case basis.

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