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Renegade redesign 1/7, the rebel.


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For this week I'm going to try to fully create 7 redesigns of Renegade based off of different themes that change things minimally. So Kalla and shortbow are here to stay and there will be 3 profession abilities with Kallas Fervor. I'm so going to avoid buffs to the weapon and utility because that's a whole other can of worms, and I'm fairly certain the Rev community has a shared opinion on those.

The rebel redesign of the Renegade is a Renegade redesign concept that embraces the name "Renegade." Someone for whom the rules are defied.

Profession Mechanics

  • Heroic command becomes "Defy Weakness", and removes debilitating conditions per stack of fervor. When you remove a condition gain might.
  • Citadel bombardment becomes "Defy Regime". More projectiles per stack of fervor.
  • Orders from Above becomes "Defy enemy." For 4s you and nearby allies gain defiance, which corrupts a boon on hit. More allies are effected per stack of fervor.

ShortbowAll skills pierce. Bloodbane path applies 2 stacks of bleeding per shot.

KallaKalla skills also provide boons.Heal = RegenRage = furyIre = mightStunbreak = stabilitySummit = protection

TraitsStill iron/blood/ash Legion, but implemented differently and more accordingly to the lore. Basically ash is spy, blood is frontline and iron is efficiency. For this redesign the minor traits will stay the same.

  • Ashen Demeanour - when at full stacks of fervor, heal skills grant stealth.
  • Bloody Demeanour - when at full stacks of fervor gain fury periodically. Bleed lasts longer.
  • Iron demeanour - when at full stacks of fervor, utility skills cost 20% less energy.
  • Ashen defiance -Defy Enemy also applies bleed to enemies. The radius of it is increased.
  • Bloody Defiance - Defy Weakness also grants allies Kallas Fervor.
  • Iron Defiance - Defy Regime artillery strikes have larger radii and are unblockable.
  • Ashes Rebellion - deal more damage to enemies that are alone.
  • Bloods Rebellion - conditions do less damage based off your armor.
  • Irons rebellion - gain energy when swapping weapons.
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2/7 Minion Master

Since this code exists in the game already I feel it could be implemented.

Profession MechanicsScrap the f abilities. Focused around summoning charr spirits that do little damage alone but as a unit can be a threat. Fervor has been removed.

  • Spirit of Rebellion (F2) summon a Charr spirit to fight along side with you. (Costs 10 energy no cooldown). Spirits last 10s.
  • Attack command (F3) command your spirits to attack a target. (No cost or cast time)
  • Move command (F4) command your spirits to move to a location.

Shortbow changes will be the same as before.

TraitsFocused around summons with the legion themes.

  • We are Legion (minor) - gain access to the spec
  • Enduring Legacy (minor) - gain vigor and fury when you are have more than 5 spirits active.
  • The grandmaster minor is unchanged.
  • Wait for my signal (adept) - move command now costs 15 energy and stealths your spirits, giving them an ambush attack (+50% dmg on next hit)
  • Marching orders (adept) - Move command now costs 5 energy, and 10s cooldown gives allies and your spirits stability.
  • Hold (adept) - move command now costs 10 energy makes your spirits create a barbed wire area at the location. Size depends on number of them.
  • Take em out (master) - Attack command now grants you and allies fury and might based on how many spirits you have.
  • If it bleeds (master) - attack command costs 10 energy, and marks your target. When spirits attack the target they also apply bleed.
  • Iron Legion tech (master) - attack command now costs 10 energy. Your spirits first attack on their target plants an explosive that detonates after 1s (stacks per spirit).
  • Ash Legion Spies (grandmaster) - your spirits become Ash Legion Spies, that deal deadly conditions when they attack. The cost of summoning them is increased to 20 energy. (They apply poison and torment).
  • Blood Legion Warband - your spirits become blood Legion Legionaries, that deal additional damage and can critically hit.
  • Iron legion marksmen - your spirits become ranged marksmen that draw conditions from allies (1 per second each). Cost is increased to 15 energy.
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