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Character, armor and weapons preview disappear when using non-native resolution [Merged]

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Since yesterday's update, i can't preview anything if my resolution isn't in Windowed fullscreen or Fulscreen with native resolution (4k). Turning off DX11, clearing cache and repairing the client didn't fix anything. Here you can see the comparison (with both tabs opened my character simply disappears when i change resolution, weapons/armor preview from chat have the same problem):

Native Resolution

Non-Native Resolution

Did i do anything wrong? I admit i was in a rush yesterday so i didn't wait for the full update to download, and accessed the game as soon as the mandatory files were downloaded, could be this?

EDIT: i submitted a ticket, will write there if i can solve the problem with support 🙂

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Adding the fact i submitted a ticket now; didn't want to add a message just to say that.
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  • Khalni.3864 changed the title to Character, armor and weapons preview disappear when using non-native resolution

Improved the clarity of the user interface when using non-native render resolution options.

I saw now that this was in yesterday's patch notes. Maybe somehting went wrong with that.

@Elonalie.1342I can't access the game now, but the support suggested me to submit an in-game bug report as this hastens the process of acknowleging the issue from the dev team. Could you please do it as i can't access the game atm?

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  • erapago.4387 changed the title to Character/weapons don't appear in hero panel or gear preview when using a non-native resolution

The preview of my characters in any window is broken. Whether that is weapon preview, dye preview, wardrobe preview, or any other such UI that is intended to show your character visually. Nothing shows except the UI-- the character, weapon, and armor are not there. 


I'm not sure if this is related to certain resolution settings. I was able to get it to work on one of the settings, but it basically forced me to run 4k on a computer that can't handle it. The 1080p and 720p options all bug out.

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I have the same problem, maybe this is a bug introduced with the latest build?

Native res: 3000x2000
Game res: 1680x1050

With this setting (which I have used since the beginning), my character/preview doesn't show up unless I drag the Hero panel to the top-left, and then my character begins to appear (within a specific small region at the top-left of the window).

If I set the game res to match my native res, this problem goes away, and character/gear appears as it should. Obviously for performance reasons, I don't run the game at native resolution.

It's irksome that I can't preview any gear.

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  • Forum Moderator.3074 changed the title to Character, armor and weapons preview disappear when using non-native resolution [Merged]
  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I found a workaround where I:

  1. set Game Resolution to match my native resolution, to remove the previewing issue
  2. set Render Sampling to Subsample, to reduce some of the performance load that increasing the Game Resolution had added

Hope this can help anyone else with this issue in the interim, until Anet can get this bug fixed.

Edit: Also, for optimizing graphics & performance in general, I found this video and this video great starting points. Turning Reflections and Shadows to 'low' or 'zero' really helps counteract any increases in Game Resolution you may need to live with.

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Add some links to help people work around the bug
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