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Soulbeast: 'Live Fast' trait only works while merged with pet

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The 'Live Fast' trait only grants fury and quickness when using F3 (beast skill) while merged with any kind of pet, and does not work when using F2 (beast skill) when not merged with a pet. This isn't a tooltip problem either. When not merged, neither I nor my pet will gain fury and quickness when using the pet's F2 skill. It is displayed in the tooltip for soulbeast F3 skill and does grant the boons when merged with the pet. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Live_Fast

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Beast (Info about the ranger's 'Beast' skills)

The 'Beastmastery' specialization has 3 traits that effect 'Beast' skills (Go for the Eyes, Wilting Strike, and Beastly Warden) that work both when merged (F3 skill) and not merged (F2 skill). I've tested all of these traits to see them working both ways. This is why I'm assuming the 'Live Fast' trait is bugged.

Edit: One reason why this is a problem is because the next trait, 'Furious Strength', increases damage when you have fury. Meaning your damage output is not increased unless you're merged with your pet and/or have other sources of fury, since 'Live Fast' isn't granting fury when not in soulbeast mode.

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I was reviewing traits, due to the recent balance patch, and note that Live Fast still does not apply to regular Beast abilities. I checked it in pve, pvp, and wvw.

Either the function needs to be fixed to apply to all Beast abilities (as the tool tip currently implies), or the tool tip description needs to be fixed to state that Live Fast only applies to merged Beast ability.

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