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Invocation trait line


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i want to talk about the new trait changes in invocation line (pvp, wvw perspective)

the main theme as anet stated:"We've replaced them with new traits that reinforce the themes of energy management and legend swapping to strengthen the themes of this line."

so the idea is to invoke legends constantly to gain benefit from it gaining free skills proc and boons. over less dmg proc we used to have.

Invoker's Rage - give fury . its minor and its nice but combine with other traits changes we lost quit a bit of dmg burst. i would give it also 7% more dmg for 5 sec.

Cleansing Channel - invoke legend cleanse 1 condition. we all know that revenant is so weak versus condition combine it with new amulets and builds that push and buff the conditions class and builds out there, revenant is puling away from this game. thus i would change it to cleanse 2 conditions. it will demand more tactical play and good timing from both the enemy and the revenant.

Fierce Infusion - give fury when you use healing skill. basically design with shiro heal skill to burst more dmg. i would changes this trait. with herald we have enough fury proc. with renegade below 50% we have fury proc and with minor trait above we have fury proc. our heal cd skills are 30 sec so the 5 sec fury and 10 sec icd on the trait is not much needed (ventari wont use it). so i would add it the old trait. when you using healing skill your gain fury and next attack will do 50% more dmg.

Cruel Repercussion - good one for sustain dmg while losing nrg.

with those major adapt you have to choose - cleanse, burst dmg or sustain dmg.

Ferocious Aggression - good design trait

Spirit Boon - the new trait. i dont get it. its ok. BUT with herald we have 5 boons proc from one with nature (not resistance or stability). they proc only 1 boon for each legend which hardly needed.shiro - 2 might. shiro has enough might. revenant has enough might. shiro dont need it.mallyx - resistance for 2 sec. although it cost no nrg to proc it. 2 sec its too low and force you to take mallyx to handle conditions again. corruption trait line become like water for ele. a must if you want to handle conditions bomb.jalis - stability . although its nice dont force you to take retribution trait line to proc stability . it do force you to take jalis which is more support legend. so why to take jalis and invocation trait line over retribution?ventari - regen. ventari has enough regen and like shiro dont need more. also with one with nature also has enough regen.dragon - protection - common we have one with nature and elite to proc protectionrenegade - swiftness - common again anet could do better.

my idea if you want us to really benefit this trait . also reminder that as revenant is so weak versus conditions the boon corrupt wont help it much either.as invocation line is all about fury and legend swap passive proc and nrg management. so each swap will proc lesser skill from it legend which save nrg.shiro - proc 2 might stacks and lesser enchanted dagger. life siphon dmg 430. life siphon heal 380. 6 hits. - more self burstmallyx - proc resistance and lesser banish enchantment. remove 2 boons and apply 2 stack of confusion around you 240r - more free conditions procjalis - proc stability and lesser inspiring reinforcement. proc weakness and dmg 1000 around you 240ventari - proc regen and lesser purifying essence . remove 2 conditions around you. - more self sustain and support versus conditions.dragon - proc fury, might, regen, protection, swiftness for 3 sec. much cheaper one with nature.renegade - proc swiftness and lesser breakrazor bastion - for 5 sec take 50% less condition dmg and heal around you 369 per sec. more support for group.

i know big design. but we lost chunk of dmg so at least give us something better. as 1 boon alone is more dangerous to us due to corruption.

Rapid Flow - the heal should go up as its 5 sec cd. from 300 to 600.

Incensed Response - nice buff to 5 might stacks. with herald and sword its easy to gain 25 might stacks already. with renegade also easy to gain 25 might stacks. so do we really need 5 might stacks. i would add dmg proc when you gain fury like 400 dmg. (with herald fod it will be like 7% more dmg)

with those major master trait you have to choose from sustain dmg buff, sustain healing or unique proc from each legend to support or buff you. and your team

Charged Mists - nice one

Song of the Mists - good design to save nrg. like my idea above to spirit boon which proc skill. but i would have change it a bit as some are too weak.

shiro - dmg its too low so should be buff by 100%. quickness should be 3 sec base. not effected by number of foes around you.mallyx - why slow. should proc chill and burning and poison. remove dmg.jalis - dmg is too low so buff it by 100%. barrier should be 3k base and not effected by number of foes around you.ventari - healing is great if you could also put 1 condition cleanse.dragon - remove the conditions proc. put aoe kd 1 sec and buff dmg by 100%.renegade - proc 5 stacks of bleeding base. (remove the effected foes demand). dmg buff by 100%.

Roiling Mists - i would also give it increase the critical dmg while you have fury by 10%.

with those GM traits you have to choose from more nrg gain, more dmg from lesser skills, or more sustain dmg

hope you like it. but bare it mind invocation become a must now which put retribution and jalis unusable. ( i will post my idea on jalis and retribution trait changes)

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