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[Suggestion] Consolidate Less-used Parts of LFG

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The current LFG is bloated, with people over-using some sections and others getting almost no use. Further, relatively few people use LFG in the way the categories are named

I propose consolidating sections and renaming many of the specific categories to reflect what folks are looking for.

Open World

Separate into four sections:

  • Open World — Original Game, with three sections: Farming, World Bosses, Other
  • Open World — Heart of Thorns, with five sections, VB, AB, TD, DS, and "Living World Season 3 Maps"
  • Open World — Path of Fire, with one section for each current map
  • Open World — Path of Fire/Living World Season 4 Maps (to avoid spoilers)

Looking for Help/Offering Help

Consolidates "Achievements," "Story Journal," and "Adventurer's Guild" with two or three sections

  • Current Story
  • Mesmer Ports (assuming ANet wants to be explicit about this)
  • Other achievements, stories, or questions.


  • Looking for More
  • Looking for Group
  • Training Raids & Selling Raids (likewise, assumes ANet is okay about making this explicit)


  • Daily Tier 4
  • Recommended dailies
  • Other
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