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Looking for a RAID guild to mould a NOOB into a Legend :) on EU


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I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since launch with 3,083 hours played across my characters with 12,820 AP.I have three characters that are "RAID" ready with "FULL" Ascended gear, one from each weight class (Light, Medium and Heavy)

I main a Thief That currently has Berserker gear while i was playing the Deadeye for POF (Did not like it very much).My Second is the Revertant That currently has Marauders Armour with Berserker trinkets running Renegade.My Third and favorite is the Elementalist currently with viper gear all round running a sword/dagger weaver build.

With 2 legendary weapons and full Ascended for each weight class and not much else to do, I decided it was time to get into raiding, I have been trying to get into raiding for sometime now, however finding a Guild that would take a NOOB like me into raids is becoming a challenge. I have participated in some PUG raids runs without success :(

I am hoping that my difficulties finding a raid guild that will take me in has come to an end. Although I do understand that my lack of raid experience is working against me.

I am able to do raids most nights of the week, but would probably only commit to about 4 nights a week.

Thank you for your ConsiderationSluggyJ.5783

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