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[Idea]Necro total make over.


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Disclaimer: I'm trying here an exercise where I redesign the necromancer to fit my idea of what it should have been while trying to keep as much as possible what we already do. There might be obvious dps loss from the change or not.

Core necromancerHere I'll re-imagine quite a few thing (obviously), going through a fondamental change on the shroud and re thinking totally Death magic and Blood magic.

Death shroudThe Death shroud and the shroud in general suffer from being the defensive tool of the necromancer. I'm changing this. Now DS no longer lock you out of your health pool nor does it prevent you from seeing and using your utility skills. Staying in death shroud cost you 3% life force per sec. Death Shroud and Underwater shroud are unified. The new death shroud is an utility shroud.

  • Life blast become Plague blast and act just like the undewater shroud skills.
  • Dark path become a ground targeted teleport skill but see it's range reduced to 900. (underwater, it will teleport you to your targeted foe and require to be in range)
  • Doom see no change except that it's no also the fear skill underwater.
  • Life transfert no longer grant life force per pulse but 3% of your maw LF pool as barrier per foe struck and stability on each pulse.
  • Tainted shackle change fonctionnality. It now tether your allies, cleansing conditions from them each second for 3 seconds building an unique buff that obviously goes up to 15 stacks and detonate at the end of the skill dealing damage for each stack to up to 5 foes around you.

Soul reapingSoul reaping see few changes and these changes focus mainly on spectral traits/skills.Spectral skills no longer grant life force but grant you a %age of your max LF pool as barrier.Spectral mastery grant you 5% of your max LF pool as barrier on skill use.Lich form is replaced by Grim specter which no longer drain life, it remove (it doesn't corrupt) boons on each tic and grant you 5% of your max LF pool as barrier each boon removed on top of granting you the vitality stacks. While in grim specter you gain stability every seconds. CD 90 seconds.

SpiteSpite see few change as well, the main change is that Spite no longer house signet but take care of wells instead.Signet of suffering is replaced Shriveling rituals. Shriveling rituals reduce the toughness and concentration (by 150) of foes that step into your wells and reduce well cool down by 20%.Close to death let you do 20% more damage while in shroud at the cost of 1% life force per second.

CurseThis spec do not see a lot of change either... Even If I'd love to get rid of the scepter trait, I don't touch it. The only change is that this spec no longer carry corruptions but signets instead.Master of corruption is replaced by Signet of suffering. Signet of suffering no longer recharge faster while in shroud but instead drain condition on up to 5 allies around you on use. All signets recharge by 2% for each condition drawn onto you.

Death magicThis become the "teamplay" line and see huge changes.

Minor traits: They will mainly take on the job of death nova.

  • Death aura: Summon jagged horror when you kill a foe.
  • Necromantic corruption: Your jagged horrors periodically drain condition on up to 5 allies around them. (10s ICD)
  • Death nova: Upon death your jagged horrors explode into a poison cloud

Upper traits: Focus on ruling over the life and death of your allies.

  • Last rites: Become a DM adept trait.
  • Life from death: Become a DM master trait.
  • Transfusion: become a DM grandmaster trait.

Mid traits: Focus on your interactions with your allies.

  • Banshee wail: now become a DM adept trait.
  • Unholy martyr: now become a DM master trait.
  • Profane's insanity: Your minion's skills no longer summon minions, Instead the necromancer perform minion's active skills with is own body. For each minion skill equipped the necromancer lose 100 vitality on it's base vitality. Golem's charge and shadow fiend's haunt are now combo leap, Blood fiend's taste of death is now a blast finisher and bone fiend's rigor mortis is now a 100% combo projectile finisher.

Bottom traits: Focus on preventing your foes from making a come back.

  • Putrid defense: Taking a hit while under a barrier effect poison the foe that hit you for 2s.
  • Reaper's protection: no change.
  • Frozen soil: Chilled foes around you receive 50% less incoming heal.

Blood magicNow Blood magic is meant to rule over blood, this become the defense/sustain spec.

Minor traits: They see a few change but not that great.

  • Mark of evasion: no change.
  • Vampiric: Switch minions and necromancer's siphon value, remove damage component.
  • Blood bond: switch to grandmaster minor trait.

Upper traits: Focus on your own blood.

  • Quickening thirst: increase movement speed while wielding a dagger. Reduce dagger cool down while you bleed.
  • Blood corruption: Corruption skills recharge faster, now corruption skills are only paid in blood.
  • Bloody armor: Reduce incoming damage and condition damage by 2% per bleed stack on you. (max 15)

Middle traits: Focus on your life.

  • Shrouded removal: now a BM adept trait
  • Deadly strength: now a BM master trait
  • Unholy sanctuary: Gain a barrier when struck under the treshold. When under the effect of a barrier, periodically gain health.

Bottom traits: focus on your foe's blood.

  • Dulling blood: take 10% less damage from bleeding foes.
  • Vampir's delight: Gain health every second if a foe bleed in the radius.
  • Vampire's onslaught: corrupting a boon on a bleeding foe deal direct damage on this foe. (1s ICD)

ReaperReaper see few changes.

Reaper shroudNow act like Death shroud with a 3% LF degen/sec. No longer a 2nd life bar nor does it lock you out of your utilities.

Reaper's traitlineAugury of death: No longer drain life, grant 2% max life force as barrier per foe struck when you use a shout.Chilling nova: Upon entering shroud, strike foes around you with a chilling nova. Reaper Shroud cool down reduced by 20-30%.Blighter boon: only grant health.Reaper onslaught: add 1% LF cost per second on this trait.

ScourgeAdd 3/4 s delay on manifest sand shard offensive effect, add a growing red circle to symbolise this effect. Add a 1/2s shared cool down upon using a sand shroud skill.Serpent siphon grant barrier unconditionnally to allies in the area.The scourge can now only maintain 1 shard at a time that affect up to 5 target.Sand sage now grant 150 concentration and expertise.Blood as sand now grant 10% damage reduction.Sand savant grant half of Sand sage and blood as sand to allies that step into the shade radius.

Well... that took quite some time for something that will be lost in the sea of threads... Enjoy ;)

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