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my feelings on pvp so far the past 3 seasons


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this is a warrning i do not like sPvP. In the unranked matches your balance of matches are 100% stacked. So you all know what it means to stack in sPvP is that one team is like nothing but pro and the other team is like nothing but what i call lowbies (neewbies) this could be some one that has played then quite pvp becouse of the massive rape or a new player trying to do pvp. When you only get 10%- 5% win rate in unranked your balance in sPvP is massivly brocken. this is makeing sPvP so hard for me to invest in this area becouse i never get a good game like i used to back in the day your sPvP need a massive rebalance so that the games are nearly always verly close makeing it that mutch better. now your going to tell me go ranked and youll join peps your level of skill if its brocken in unranked then how can i trust the ranked. no mater what i do i am ether just stomping the team or i am geting stomped and this is were you need to look at this and fix it.

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