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(EU) PVE Nerd Den [Nerd] - Fresh Guild Recruiting Friendly Players

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Newly formed guild Nerd Den [Nerd] is recruiting.


About Us.

We’re a friendly EU based social guild that will be focusing on PVE content; Open World content / events / Bosses, Fractals, Dungeons, Strikes & Raids. We are looking for friendly players, veteran and new, to fill up our ranks to create a fun and helpful environment.

We are run by a new & a veteran player, so if you are a new player don’t worry! We will make sure you are not left behind. We have not chosen a guild hall yet but we will be picking Isle of Reflection from EOD. We are also looking for in game leaders who can help guide the guild in end game PVE content. Many of us also play other games outside of Guild Wars so if you are looking to play another game you can feel free to ask around in our discord!

What to expect from us.
*A helpful and loving community! Don’t be scared of being left behind if you are new to the game, we are here to help each other anywhere we can and the journey won’t be the same without you.
*PVE events! That means running meta events, world boss killing, jump puzzle mayhem, HP trains as a guild.
*Fractal, dungeons, strikes and raids are included of course! Many of us currently do Fractal and dungeon runs and want to expand into strikes and raiding. (We are also looking for active leaders who can guide new players with end game content).
*Respect! We are all different and we need to accept that! There will be no discrimination whatsoever in this community!

What we expect from you.
*Active in-game
*Enjoy socializing with others
*Be friendly & respect others
*Discord for events / raids / runs
*Expect wipes! We aren’t hardcore, we aren’t going to mess up on purpose, and since many of us are new please do not expect perfection. We will overcome the content together!


If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact 1 of our recruiters in game or on discord if they are not available in game.

IGN: Melfeus.9376
Discord: Melfeus#1616
IGN: ZethinZA.3749
Discord: ZethinZA#5962
IGN: Extremepain.5376
Discord: Carnage#2623

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