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Screenshot / Picture / Fashion contest 07/03/2022 !!!!!!!! ( 2k Gems)

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The Hype : We run a community judged screenshot picture contest every now and then . This one will conclude on 07/03 . You can submit your entry at the discord :




The other stuff : No you don't need to be following the actual stream channel or signed up in anyway to win. Drop off your screenshot. We judge them live on a stream though but winners are notified through discord or live if your there, shrug. People ask why do it on the discord or whatever and not a live fashion contest? Because I like to include all of the EU pals along with the NA pals and it seems the easiest way. If you want to come hang out while were live judging on the 3rd please do . More people is always way more better. www.twitch.tv/teknomancer99 


❤️ That's it , that's all . Much love Tyria ❤️ 

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