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Can anyone translate this?

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23 hours ago, Paradoxoglanis.1904 said:

It means that anet is power creeping the game so everyone can have all the boons in pve without having to think about it. It also means that they dont care about pvp balance whatsoever.

Yeah, and it has been a terrible approach for years. I've been advocating against it for a while now. Boons now mark your role in a party, it's GW2's (terrible) version of the tank, dps, healer trinity, except way more boring and uninspired as heck. These stupidly overpowered boons are just passive stat increases or ridiculously powerful effects such as quickness or alacrity that you now maintain with 100% uptime. They are the new normal, very plain and boring. When they should last a shorter time and should be used selectively like it was in their original design.


This of course directly affects the pvp balance, causing massive powercreep.


I'm not quite digging this game's direction.

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On 6/22/2022 at 3:18 PM, MuscleBobBuffPants.1406 said:


  • Elementalist: Tempest will now be able to provide party alacrity, with a rework to their grandmaster trait Lucid Singularity.
  • Revenant: Legendary Centaur Stance skills and Salvation traits have been updated to better support healing roles, while herald will now be able to provide quickness to allies with the trait Draconic Echo.
  • Thief: The Shadow Arts trait line has been updated to provide better support options to synergize with specter, as well as updated options for stealth and defensive gameplay.

About time.

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