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Game Update Notes Preview: Profession Skills

Rubi Bayer.8493

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@Rubi Bayer.8493, where did you get your time machine?




EDIT: All right all you confused emojis. Rubi's post says she posted this yesterday.

Yes, it was probably written and posted up in advance, and then made visible today. Just a joke. A failed joke.

Move along. You can go back to complaining that the notes killed the game now.

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With these Herald cooldown increases, you can only use each Facet once in Glint. All 6 Facets, even under the Facet of Nature buff, will not let you maintain quickness with the maximum possible boon duration. This is assuming you will be allowed to swap between legends in a reasonable fashion.

Herald cannot give reliable quickness with this change. The base quickness duration NEEDS to be 2 seconds at least.

Additionally, increasing the cooldown makes it much clunkier to play. This is a strong nerf pretending to be a buff. I would much rather have the cooldowns remain unchanged and instead nerf the modifiers if that is somehow necessary.

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4 hours ago, Sarius.9285 said:

not entirely sure yet, but I feel the same about warrior

Heal herald with 100% boon duration could barely upkeep it. But dont forget, it looses Assassince Presence and cant upkeep 25might, so its garbage³

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You guys finally get around to looking at Guardian Signets and you don't attempt to buff Bane in any way for PvP? Missed opportunity to give it vuln so that even though it does 25 dmg and even if the target has stab, the skill can still have some value for follow-up damage.

Edit: Bringing back Aegis on Mantra of Solace is a good first step to reviving FB in PvP, but it's no where near enough. The biggest pain points are in the Virtue tomes, CDs and cast times. Also 1 sec blind on Mantra of Truth and 1 sec stab on Mantra of Liberation need to be increased. Like yesterday.

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Goodbye power reaper... power necro in general pve thanks anet you gotta fix that death perception change lol. I understand the reasoning behind the crit chance change but not the critical damage change its not even cleaning up the numbers to make it easier to understand you actually just made it straight up weaker. 


Why you keep buffing blood bank i dont know.. just remove this trait its not good for any form of necro except scourge if you want it to remain put it in the scourge line... 


buffs for reapers healing skill in pvp was actually needed though but my god that death perception change....
please please please dont remove power reaper in pve fix that asap.

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