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Game Update Notes Preview: Profession Skills

Rubi Bayer.8493

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1 minute ago, Levetty.1279 said:

You forgot to list the Untamed changes.

yeah also.... pets? please? theyre pretty bad right now and none of its trait lines, not beastmastery nor untamed (wich is a pet oriented elite) help pets in any way, oh but mech does get things.

It has been months anet, please at least dont bully baby classes

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20 minutes ago, Redfeather.6401 said:

The first thing I saw was a nerf to a rune I was saving up to get. 🤣

Saved me lots of time.

not really a nerf, the reason they ''nerfed'' sanctuary runes is because adding healing over time effects to the rune makes it much more powerful. if they didn't lower the scaling it would undeniably be overpowered. 

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7 minutes ago, Zraurum.8493 said:



  • Master Fencer: Now may activate on any critical hit, granting 4 seconds of fury on up to 5 allies in a circle with a range of 360. Internal cooldown is 8 seconds.

    And it's all ? is this some kind of joke?

Nope - 

  • Bladesong Sorrow: Bleed on hit removed.
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  • Mantra of Solace: This skill now grants aegis instead of protection and resolution in PvP and WvW.

Who the hell came up with the idea giving a class completely different skills? Wtf

Just delete all classes and make new ones for wvw / pvp only 

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Will reserve til after it's released but this has me more worried then I was before... was hoping to see Virtuoso get finished, yet Chronomancer seems the focus? Hopefully they won't abandon Virt this quickly, but it needs serious love in PvP.

And yeah agree with the removal of a bleed being a hard no, like that's what we needed, lol. I get Virtuoso wasn't finished for PvE and so now it's damage is off the rails there, but now it's even weaker in PvP?

Edited by Voyant.1327
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Highly appreciate the Superior Rune of Sanctuary change. It has been a mess from the start and quite inconsistent. Looking forward to test it.

Powercreep is massive O_O. I just feel sorry for the people who tried to balance the game in the past years. I'm curious how the max. DPS will be affected and if we can reach the 50k border - not me obviously, but the professionals.

I have to remake most of my builds and probably replace 80 % of the gear. But opposite to the EoD launch patch, this time it will be fun again.

Thanks for the info.

EDIT 2: After reading the patch-notes over and over and the feedback, I was probably a little hasty with my praise. SORRY! And with those disturbing chat-protocols my motivation is dead again. I've always feared they ignore what we do on the forums, at least for the balancing. But this is really annoying. 

However big thanks for helping me reach my 10+ confused reactions on a single post! I'm still collecting btw, so feel free to stack up the pile. Curious how far I can get ^^. 

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hopefully the last edit
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Exciting Changes! I'm glad Anet didn't give into the lynch mob and delete Mechanist from PvE. I wouldn't have protested a moderate nerf (provided FB also took an equally sizable hit because it dominates fractals with no competition), but given the track record with Mech nerfs in PvP... I'd rather not jinx things. 

I should point out though that Tools is still bugged in PvP/WvW! It is not properly lowering the cooldown of Command skills. 

Also Mech is still unusable underwater. 

That aside, I'm excited to play with the new rifle. The Rocket Punch change is HUGE QoL. I won't have to frantically mash my command skills until they go off. I'm so glad they decoupled rocket punch from mace. More weapon variety is welcome. 

Also Scrapper can now grant might to allies without using the clunky Blast Gyro. I would still love if this was converted to a pull or knockdown, but I will take what I can get. The medical dispersion field change is a MASSIVE heal mech/heal scrapper buff. I may have to mess around with sanctuary runes now. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

For Ele: It looks like some of the dps of quickness catalyst is being toned down. I can't be too upset with this considering it comes packaged with some nice QoL. 10% less is still ~31k dps, which is 3k above quick scrapper (which doesn't give fury). And it will apply its boons much easier

QFB should have also gotten its dps toned down because it has a similar bench with higher numbers in realistic fights. 


Interesting to see that DPS catalyst won't give quickness anymore. Elemental Empowerment should also be changed to refresh all stacks when you gain a new one. It's borderline impossible to maintain Empowered Empowerment right now. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As far as PvP nerfs go. Not sure why Earth Shield got smacked, but WB and Harb were let off so lightly. Should have given them both the Mechanist PvP treatment. 

Edited by Kuma.1503
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Just now, FrownyClown.8402 said:

Is this really it? I was expecting reworks of entire traitlines and functional changes to skills and utilities. Very sad

It's possible that the when they say "this is the profession balance section" they mean that it's a separate section from actual changes to things but like..... this is 4000+ words but not enough substantial changes to change much of anything (i.e. Profession X & Y are in S Tier but now Y is higher than X in S Tier). Heck, even weapon selections don't look like they'd change much beyond maybe 1 weapon choice inside each profession

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