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Upcoming Harbinger nerf


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1 hour ago, Hotride.2187 said:

Too late I found it. Actually I'm more relaxed now, I don't have hopes for competitive anymore. Time to find something else to pvp in.

I have done that 2 years ago 😆


I am actually surprised when people expect anything different.

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19 hours ago, Aodlop.1907 said:

I suggest StarCraft II and Mordhau. The latter has a dying community due to a lack of content but the game is still pretty fun at its core.

I'm looking for something more action-game-ish. DS1 pvp was pretty nice, while it still lived. I have seen mordhau, maybe the  gameplay I watched was from a bad source but it looked kinda clunky.

Theres tons of indie games anyway, if I find nothing to pvp in at least there is no shortage of things you can play.

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