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Upcoming June 28th Changes are Boon-based Powercreep


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From a WvW perspective, the June 28th upcoming changes are straight Powercreep. 

I see increases in:

  • AoE boonshare/spam across the board
  • AoE Condi Cleanse
  • Projectile Block/Reflect Access

Reduction in:

  • Boon Removal
  • Single Target Impact Skills
  • Small Scale Impact on Large Scale Fights (small scale with heavy condi and projectile use seems virtually unviable in large scale)

Dear Anet,

The way these changes are setup, it is further drowning all players - regardless of playstyle, in a static, boonball meta at the expense of all else.

Instead, I suggest

  1. Please look to add more AoE Boonstrip/corrupt sources, more sources of unblockable for every class, and reduce coverage of Projectile block.
  2. Looking at ways to increase viability of underused traits/skills/class specializations without inadvertently providing power to Meta specs (such as skills that only work under core specialization)
  3. Conversion of Superspeed and Reflect and other beneficial buffs into boons so that they can be interacted with, creating the space for a more complex dynamic in fights.

More suggestions:

  1. More Map impactful regions that require small fights (such as ruins) but impact the larger battles
  2. More through addressing of shadow art/stealth dominance and more tools to provide counterplay (such as new sources of reveal amongst all classes)
  3. Reduce mobility creep amongst all classes, and give players less ability to rejoin the zerg without being challenged
  4. Increase monetization of WvW through the creation of unique siege skins, unique sentry, camp, tower and keep skins based on Gemstore Purchases

I think the most important change is to reduce the advantage of number stacking to auto-win every conflict, and instead lean heavier on individual player skill instead of stacking into the space of a single unit and spam all of the boons, barrier, condi cleanse, superspeed and reflect skills before stealthing into a bomb. There are more game modes in WvW besides zerg play. Please include them in competitive balance as well. Players, especially new ones or those on less active servers, need a space for small conflicts that can still have an impact on outnumbered fights.

I believe WvW is meant to be a Sandbox open world competitive game mode, but that can only really exist when all conflicts, both large and small are equally valid in the battlefield.

If you agree/disagree or have any thoughts on this, please feel free to respond below.

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WvW's biggest problem has always been balancing the populations of the servers and this problem has become bigger since this balancing team took over. All patches aimed to reduce the viability of small groups to kill large groups and you don't need to be a genius to see how this increases the problem of population since now quantity of players is much more important than quality. And they don't stop, they keep nerfing the boons strips, nerfing the damage, and making it easier for brainless blobs to spam boons, heals etc.

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