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Critical Damage Increase: x% Skill fact. How does it work?


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I was perusing the wiki entry on Critical Damage, due to the patch notes on necro and I encountered some notes that left me quite baffled about how this skill fact actually affects damage.





Have a note that states

This trait does not increase your critical damage stat, rather the damage dealt by critical hits by x%




DO NOT have this note in the wiki. I know the wiki is community maintained so I don't know if this is tested and accurate.


A similarly worded skill fact for Critical Chance.

Critical Chance Increase: x% Works by adding to the Critical Chance attribute when conditions are met. But it seems this skill fact may or may not do what it appears, sometimes...


So first, I would like to know if the 3 traits that don't have this wiki note should be checked and updated on the wiki (or if it is possible to test)? If they behave differently, then the skill facts should be different.


Second. Since it seems like (for the first four traits at least) this is a damage multiplier instead of a attribute modifier, how does this damage multiplier interact with Damage Increase: x% (aka increased strike damage).

Is it [Damage prior to damage increase and critical damage increase] * (1 + [ΣDamage Increase]) * (1 + [ΣCritical Damage Increase])?

Or is it [Damage prior to damage increase and critical damage increase] * ( 1 + [ΣDamage Increase] + [ΣCritical Damage Increase])?

If it is the first 🤨...

If it is the second I petition the skill fact to be changed to Damage Increase on critical: x%. To reflect that the skill fact is the same as the Damage Increase fact, but with a critical hit qualifier, and to remove "Critical Damage" from the fact, as that is an attribute name that this fact does not modify.


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