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Upcoming Patch and my concerns about Holo Pve Dps Builds


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Dear Anet


Currently Holo Smith makes use of two common Dps Builds: Rifle Holo and Sword Holo. The damage difference between those builds is within 100-200 Dps of each other and the decision which to pick depends entirely on raid boss phase timing and your squads dps… or our personal preference. Both builds are equal; they are ‘balanced, as all things should be’.


If the upcoming patch will be released as stated yesterday, then this balance will be disturbed.


First there’s the change to Blunderbuss. Its cooldown reduction and therefore slightly higher dps isn’t my main concern. It’s the small might gain, which might be crucial in raid compositions, where you run only one healer and the second subgroups might has to be covered by the Dps. Sword Holo will be in a slight disadvantage when it comes to the question what build to pick.


Second there is the change to Aim-Assisted Rockets (A-AR), which gets its minimum range reduced to 150.

Sword has a melee range of 130 and thus won’t be able to remain in A-AR range all the time. Rifle Holo with Bomb kit won’t have that restriction and is expected to pull ahead in terms of damage.


And third there is the playstyle caused by picking A-AR, where you have to avoid melee range and need to stay in a holo-specific maximum melee range. A squad usually positions itself in melee range on top of the commander. Now imagine how this would look like:

Com: “Holo, please stick to the tag!”

Holo: “Can’t! It’s a dps loss!”

Talk like this could be avoided if we oscillate between melee and maximum melee every 3 seconds (A-ARs internal cooldown). But…


Is this playstyle really your intention? Can’t you just remove the minimum range entirely or buff Explosive Temper so that it will be on par with A-AR?

If rifle receives a small group wide might gain, why does Sword Holo get nothing in return?

I’m afraid Rifle Holo will be the better choice in almost every given scenario and Sword Holo will cease to exist in Pve. This can’t be your goal!




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You make it sound like Aim-Assisted Rocket is suddenly going to decisively beat Explosive Temper in a raid environment.

While it might be competitive I don't see it pulling ahead by that much if at all.


180 range is also more than enough to get all the boons you'd ever want because most stuff is at least 180-240 radius so there isn't a problem at all with not stacking perfectly on the boss, you're fabricating a situation that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, raids are not WvW where you have to glue yourself to the commanders kitten.


The sword vs rifle debate was always more about phase timings than anything else and I don't see these changes changing anything about that.

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The rifle changes look awesome for rifle scrapper, gonna be all machine gun on that rifle burst 1, I'm just concerned about my 2 and 3 muscle memory, I'm expecting a lot of mix ups.


so to put this into context, blunderbuss likely still gives bleed since they didn't say it was gone so you will get like 8 stacks of might from it with sanguine array and then add in another 5 stacks of might from the new pinpoint distribution and get perma fury from the explosives line, while you may be concerned with PvE, this thing is gonna pump out damage in pvp now at least.

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