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World vs. World Update: June 2022 - How we can control that a guild player has chosen the Alliance or not and also that goes the player we select ?

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Hello , looking last update I do not see a way to control and approve the players that goes in an Ally .

For example Guild PVX with 300+ players , agree to attend in ally with max 100 members because they are the one doing WvW.
From what I saw , looks that GL's and Officers cannot control or approve who flag and who not and this is an issue.
We need to have a management pannel, where we can approve or not


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I think in some other thread it had been mentioned that where will be permissions for members to set the guild as WvW guild. Just don't know if this will be in a separate UI window or as permissions for the ranks.

If it was applied to the ranks then guilds that already are at the limit - with the ranks - might get in trouble. Setting 1 additional rank mirroring the base member rank and adding that permissoin there and keeping WvW and PvE players separated ... might work. If you apply it to the higher ranks as well and hope that they do not abuse it (to not have to creat a separate version of the higher ranks as well - if there are WvW and PvE-only players).

Personally I think I would prefer a "role" thingy as the Discord uses. With some priority feature (higher priority role can't change lower ones - if they have option to change/modify roles) ... but players could have roles applied. (So you could have normal members and officer members ... with and without the WvW role for each.)

Would need bigger overhaul of he guild permissions/ranking system though.

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I've been off over the weekend, so I have honestly not caught up with everything yet, but...

Isn't it as easy as that the player sets the guild as their WvW-guild?

It is then up to the guild officers to check whether that player should count towards an alliance.

So, essentially, the player just marks the guild and the guild officers, essentially, mark to approve or deny for Alliance.

Ed. Logically, it could work the same way for the guild even if it isn't in an alliance. The player just sets the guild to count towards their pop and the officers can approve or deny it.

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