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Bugs on some runes

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Looking at the Game Update Notes Preview on sanctuary rune, It seems Anet aren't ignoring rune so I might as well post some bugs that are on some runes in hopefully they might fix it in the future.


  1. Rune of privateer : 4th Bonus provide 15% might instead of the 20% written on its description
  2. Rune of Golemancer : 6th Bonus doesn't summon Golem underwater although the golem can fight underwater if summon on land and bring it underwater.
  3. Rune of Pack : 6th Bonus +125 Precision seems to only effect users, while using the mechanist the 6th bonus precision does not increase the mechanist golem precision when traited with the 100% precision inherited trait. This may effect mesmer clones and phantasm as well other allies summon or entities that copies the player stat.
  4. Using untamed or mechanist, Npc summon runes like rock dog, tropical bird, golem from the rune no longer use their secondary skill.


Don't know if it will ever be touch or fix but it cant hurt to just post it, its sad the only time a runes are change nowadays when it effect the balance of the game.

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48 minutes ago, Linken.6345 said:

About the golemancer just checking do you have a rune in your aqua breather aswell?

Yup I tested it. Had a golemancer rune build fully ascended aqua breather with AR and all and when It was time to do the aquatic fractal the whole time I was golemless like my mechanist XD. This also best time to tell Anet allow my mechanist golem underwater as well pls T.T plus I knew about the bug from the rune wiki page also.

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