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Guild Wars (1) on Steam

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I'm willing to buy a Guild Wars (1) on Steam, it is bundle without Eye of North. My question is it would be worth for me?  I'm willing to play it only to obtain Whie Raven Skin.

  1. Do I need to buy Eye of North to get some Hall of Monuments rewards or the bundle is enough?
  2. Do people still play or it is Marionnete public at EU morning?
  3. What else "Addons" I could gain from playing Guild Wars in Guild Wars 2?
  4. Feel free to talk what you think about it and Guild Wars (1)
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1) Yes, you need Eye of the North as well. This is the location of the Hall of Monuments after all.

2) I don't know about Marionette public at EU morning but... you will find some people, yes. It's not completely dead yet, especially GvG is still going pretty strong from what I can tell. But there aren't masses of other players around either. Probably best to try and join an active guild / alliance.
However, this shouldn't be too much of an issue anyway since GW1 has always been very solo friendly. You can always take henchmen or (later) heroes with you. For heroes you can even use your own custom builds, gear and runes. They will obviously not be as good as real people but since GW1's controls etc are much simpler than GW2's it's not too far off. Sometimes it's even better to have heroes for certain roles as the AI can micro resources way more efficiently or keep track of team mate's mana etc.
Theorycrafting team builds was definitely one of the coolest things for me.

3) You can get the "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals" title (GWAMM) and everything in the Hall of Monuments but I don't think you get any more goodies from GW1 carried over. But it's a really good game, especially if you are into theory crafting, a completionist or interested in PvP.

4) Well, what I said in 2 and 3. It's a really good game but/because it is completely different from GW2. There has been a lot more focus on PvP content, way more challenging PvE content and pretty much everything (in pve) is solo-able due to superb build variety and AI companions. As long as you aren't playing Dervish* you usually have a ton of options in terms of build variety because you can pick a second class (and change it at any time). So you can mix and match any two classes you wish and each and every class on its own is already super complex with dozens and dozens of skills. That's also where EoD's Untamed originated btw, it's based on a Ranger/Warrior build using a hammer (weapons in general are class-less btw so you can use whatever you want, however Assassin or Dervish skills for example often require daggers or a scythe respectively).

After I've hopefully secured my place in the leaderboard for this season in GW2, I'll probably continue getting the GWAMM title. And if I have that one I might also go the extra mile and completely fill my HoM as the main thing I'm missing are the titles.

I can only recommend GW1 as its very own game tbh. It is way more old school tho so you have to like that. Like.. You can't jump for example, every skill you cast roots you in place, etc. If you can look past those old controls you can probably have a really good time.
Both Filling HoM and getting GWAMM are veeery time consuming tho, especially if you are just starting out. Like.. several hundred hours or so. So if you are just looking to get the GW2 goodies I don't really think it's worth the time investment but eh.. that's just my opinion.
If you want to approach any of those two things I'd suggest just experiencing the game for what it is, play the campaigns, have your own smaller goals you want to achieve, etc. Almost everything will help you with the titles/HoM but after you've completed the campaigns, explored the map, unlocked a lot of skills, accumulated money, etc it will not take as long anymore and doesn't feel as much of a chore anymore.

It's also a VEERY wiki-heavy game. So if you want to be efficient you do have to like having 10 wiki pages open on your second monitor or constantly switch back and forth. Like mission walkthroughs for the bonus objectives, where you can capture/buy skills from, etc. Which I personally do like, but a lot of people have huge issues with that.

*Dervish is an extremely good class and very self sufficient and that's also kind of a bad thing. Because why would you scrap basically the strongest melee playstyle to use other classes that don't synergize too well with it anyway. There are some exceptions of course, warrior and assassin can offer some useful skills and ranger is always an interesting option because of the pet. But anything related to casting or ranged is just not that great or rather would be way more effective with a different primary class (due to their primary attribute effect and energy management). With the new Anniversary skill the Dervish can better utilize other classes as a secondary choice but the skill isn't very straight forward to get.

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thank you for your comprehensive reply I think, will pass it at this moment. 😀


I will probably regret this, but I have to say it,

the thing anet do selling Trilogy as one and "forcing" to buy eye of north is a big nono, as a returning player I would rather buy EoD+HoTPoF for 50€ than buying Trilogy for 15€ and then eye of north for 20€.

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