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Apparently I need to L2P Scrpper.


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So, while I was roaming, I was noticing that it seems I am getting powned left an right by Thieves, Mesmers, and Necros.. and Warriors.. as strange that is. Anyway, I was told that the WvW balance is just fine, and that if I am losing any fight on on Engineer is a L2P issues on my part.

So.. obviously since I am losing quite bad at this point, I need to L2P.

What I am asking for, is if anyone can provide me a solid Roaming Scrapper Build, and some guides on how to maximize it's effectiveness in both Roaming (IIE: camp flipping and the like) as well as 1v1 for when the situations arise.

I looked on Meta-Battle, and at best all I saw "Good" builds, an even then.. nothing for Roaming, just, Frontline and Swiftness boons.,

Thanks for any help you can offer me..

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I like the Quickness build. Scourges and Mirages will kill you in it, but they would likely do so regardless because they counter Engis pretty good.

I saw the build on one of the more recent Scrapper videos linked somewhere around here and it's pretty fun.


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