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WvW proposed Changes : Nothing Different, Nothing Fixed.

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By and large the Biggest issue WvW faces isn't That Not enough people are grouping together 

It's that the Soul of wvw, That being Actual Tactics and Reasoning, Are being Gutted and Removed for Zerg and Blobbing. 

There's NO thinking required with a zerg. Just Stack healers ( Which have been Buffed! ) And Smash face against wall. 

It's Mind Numbing Tedium, But hey, at least we get Better rewards for throwing more corpses! 

Isn't that WONDERFUL /s 

This isn't what WvW Needed. 

We needed More incentive to SPLIT UP 

increasing rewards based on number of players in a defense / offense Does literally the exact Opposite of this. 

Leaving Boon balls and Clouds Untouched and free to continue sapping the Life out of what Could have been a great Game mode. 

Do better, Anet.. you've listened to Nobody in WvW about how to fix it. 

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