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Holdover 'fail requirement' events.

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It would appear there are still several 'fail requirement' issues in the game left to be addressed. 

Obtaining the following item requires defeating a Champion Icebrood Quaggan.


The creature only spawns in two places: 

  • An event that requires failure of the previous event. Which  results in players harassing anyone who randomly kills the weak veteran of the previous events if they do not realize they are been addressed in chat before the barely 10 seconds it takes to kill it.
  • Greatly upscaling The Claw of Jormag. In which case killing it is nearly impossible, as all players nowadays stack at the feet of the claw, and the champion will be so upscaled a single player will be unlikely to kill it solo.

    All remaining 'fail requirement' situations should be addressed because of the issues they have caused in the past.
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