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World servers only matter for WvW. For the rest of the game, the only separation is between NA and EU servers. All players on NA servers play together and can't play with EU players and vice versa. So as long as you don't care about WvW gameplay, then your friend can join any NA or EU server depending on which region you are in.

On a related note, the devs are planning to change WvW to eliminate the world servers completely down the road with the alliance system which will act like a guild but for WvW purposes so that players on different servers can play together.

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1 hour ago, Taclism.2406 said:

I'm fairly certain you can just join a "full" server anyway. Or at least I did using my free transfer. And like koko mentioned, it doesnt even matter outside of WvW, as long as your friend server is on the same continent than yours

No you cant so you must be remembering wrong.

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Well maybe it sometimes say its full, when it actually isnt. Or maybe for some reasons you cant create your first character on a full server, but can use your first, free transfer then anyway? Either way I'm 100% certain it said Whiteside Ridge was full when I used my transfer, and I successfully transfered anyway. 

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