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There dont seam to be any more patches


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52 minutes ago, Guirssane.7082 said:

Wb got flowing resolve nerfed to 1 charge

Necro antiprojectile + might stack reduced on ultimate elixir nerfed. 

Will it be enough? 😉


Ultimately you are right but most players had their hopes up for a meta shaking patch where war is finally on top together with mesmer and so on. This strengthens the feeling of disconnect between devs and the playerbase whichs voiced their concerns here. This is never a good thing for any game.


While is still love the combat system and gamestyle the meta and patches in themself are feeling stale. Not just balancing wise but also gamemode wise. Their is no new map or game mode. No rework to the ranking system (solo / team que) etc. We are still missing PVP exclusive rewards to make the game mode more interesting for new players.


Anyways i still have my hopes up in this regard and until some big changes drop gw2 is a good side mmo to always return to.

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6 hours ago, Crab Fear.8623 said:

Stop playing ranked if you hate the meta, and if enough people hate the meta and stop, ANet will have no choice but to change it.

   Is hard to stop playing ranked due even at 50/50 w/l ratio you get a bizantium chest every 24 matches, which averages ~5 or 6 gold coins every hour (4 matches) of gameplay. Is low compared to fractals or farming Dragonfall, but if you enjoy PvP is miles ahead in rewards compared to the free arena. Ranked easily paid ~30/40% of my 12 legendary items.

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2 hours ago, Avatar.3568 said:

Isnt na completly dead and anet still decides to do nothing 


2 hours ago, lotus.5672 said:



29 minutes ago, Justine.6351 said:

If nobody plays it they will abandon it harder.



NA has a large population on the south side of the average line, and maybe that's coming from the "growth" they said they experienced in the last 2 years.

I'm assuming it's newbies playing for the easy gear and loot, but they won't appear (often) in your games if you are on the north side of the average line.


EU has a healthy population, and development is still across regions, so it seems that not enough players have actually quit, despite your perspective.

Maybe many of the vets are more selective of their playtimes or don't spam any games anymore, or quit mid season because they don't like the meta, but plenty of newbies are still finding fun.

Or, Anet isn't being truthful about the growth.

There are Gold 3 on the LB right now, in NA. https://i.imgur.com/EKnttXf.jpg

This makes me believe the vet pop is less active, but they haven't quit.





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