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Help needed with catalyst bench


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Hey y'all,


I've been trying to learn the power catalyst rotations, but I seem to have hit this wall beyond which my deeps doesn't seem to go any higher. I'm currently running the build and gear from the SC website, but the highest I've done on the golem is around 30k. (I've attached its log here if anyone can point out any mistakes I'm making).


Log https://dps.report/SmmN-20220626-161301_golem


Unfortunately, my guild doesn't have many ele mains and I really wanna improve, so I'd love it if the resident catalyst pros out here could point out what I might be doing wrong.




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52 minutes ago, Lumenhistoire.7628 said:

what I might be doing wrong

Playing an ele. /jk

Tbh there could be a lot of reasons why you do lower dps. High ping can make you loose dps significantly. The "speed" of going thrue rotation etc. All of this can impact a major dps loss. The way i see from your logs you havent mastered the rotation properly, so thats the first problem. 
As far as i see based on your log (just a few example mistakes) - AA besides earth one should never be touched. If u use FGS then DONT use other earth skills besides 5 in that loop. Use air 2 before leaving to fire and not in the begining of your air rotation. Use your augments before strong attacks (general rule upon entering attunement first use sphere, then augment, then dps skills).

And tbh this rotation is not optimal, there is a better one that starts in fire. But it will be unusable in two days. 

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