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Need help for specific Ranger build or maybe not even Ranger...


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Hello everyone i have very specific taste for my class phantasy, i played WoW for like 10 years, mostly on private servers, but about 1 year on retail total and all of that gameplay was on hunter class which use ranged weapon 90% of the time in pvp and 99% of the time in PvE, so i picked ranger because it have very relatent to my beloved hunter but soon found out that most of the classes in pvp actualy use melee most of the time, esp. in crucial moments to burst targets. So i asked people in /m and all i've got is that i should not use ranger as ranged class at all, that frustrates me. So i want my core gameplay to be like: Shoot targets down range, if anything comes close - kite it, rince repeat. Tryed several builds on ranger, the only partly viable thing i came up is untammed marksman beast mastery with LB cooldown n pierce perk, aswell cooldown for disabling perk in untammed, so i can like have minimum downtimes on my LB to atleast pressure the enemy with dps. Awaiting your suggestions. 

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