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WvW Reward Track


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If you want Mystic Clovers, do the non-repeatable ones first, because they will give you more than the usual 2 Clovers per track that the repeatable ones give you. Do the track with the Gift of Battle several times (or at least bring it to 39/40) to be ready for legendary crafting.  The rest is up to you, e.g. whether you want some item skins of collections you won't use PvE for.

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To tag into what @Gorani.7205said:  it really depends on what you want.  

- If you are crafting legendary armor, then there is a track that can provide an unlock to some of the armor options.

- if you want dungeon tokens or dungeon skins there are those

- if you want spirit shards I use the GoB track, although there is nothing I have that is scientific about why, it’s just that to me it SEEMS like I get more there.

- if you want map currencies for living world seasons 3&4 there are tracks for that..  


Otherwise, you just have to think about which containers within containers you want to bother with.  🙂


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