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EOD discrepancy PVE - WVW

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If You upgrade your FTP account buying EOD expansion  You get a FREE Glider and a FREE Mount (Raptor) because well, it's 2022 and You can't enjoy Cantha maps without them.
BUT:  With EOD only if you go to WVW You CAN'T unlock Gliding and Warclaw, so in 2022 in WVW You can enjoy, well, walking ... You understand right, imagine doing WVW in 2022 without a glider and a mount .... 😄
Please ANet, Fix this thing, pretty please.

As a side note, if you really want people to enjoy the game so they will buy the expansions, give at least a warclaw also to FTP accounts, it's easy: since they can join WVW at level 60 they could unlock the Warclaw and be able to use it (after the collection) also in PVE, it is btw a very basic mount, never used in PVE, could also be a chance to see more werclaws in Tyria.

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Oh, I see they forgot it existed. Unfortunately, Warclaw seemed to be one of those things introduced and shortly forgotten about after a few tweaks which is not an uncommon thing for this game unfortunately. As a result, certain issues were never dealt with.

It's not very accessible or friendly to new players even if they got PoF because it takes 166 ability points (enough to fill 2 other mastery lines) and requires a 6-8 hour reward track unless you really load yourself on boosters.

In the meantime one is unable to really support one's team by leveling things like supply or catapult mastery or damage vs guards because they can't even keep up with their own players, and are more likely to be picked off by more experienced players that already have a warclaw. Some would argue the lance is optional because you can run burst builds to dismount but starting a fight vs  more experienced players after expending key cooldowns is not really a reasonable expectation.

This was made worse because most veteran WvW players already had enough points to max everything for many years as well as the ability to save reward track potions so it was fairly trivial to acquire for them. And personally, if I were a new player when it came out, that would be a pretty  bad impression with unless I had some friends or a guild to help.

And yes it has no function in PvE

So I would suggest the following:

* Yes, EoD should be able to get Warclaw. It already has ways for people to get other essential mounts and Warclaw should be considered one for WvW

* Reduce Warclaw Mastery to 60 points required to max to bring it inline with other masteries such as gliding and the siege ones. Alternatively, put the chain mastery at the end since that's the least important. Backloaded stuff is bad.

* Reduce the time necessary to finish any reward track, so WvW'ers can see more rewards and people will stop complaining about Gift of Battle as much.

* Warclaw's ability to give unmounted people a speed boost should be passed to PvE. This shouldn't affect much since most people who own PoF/EoD should at least have a raptor; this only helps people that don't have any mount.

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