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Which ones are your favourite class and Elite Specs?


Classes and Elite Specs   

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  1. 1. [Multiple Choice] Which ones are your favourite Classes and Elite Specs. (Specify)

    • Mesmer: Chrono, Mirage, Virtuoso
    • Elementalist: Weaver, Tempest, Catalyst
    • Necromancer: Scourge, Reaper, Harbinger
    • Ranger: Druid, Soulbeast, Untamed
    • Engineer: Scraper, Holosmith, Mechanist
    • Thief: Daredevil, Deadeye, Specter
    • Warrior: Berserker, Spellbreaker, BladeSworn
    • Guardian: Firebrand, Dragon Hunter, Willlbender
    • Revenant: Renegade, Herald, Vindicator
  2. 2. Do you like all of the Classes and their respective Elite Specs?

    • Yes, all of them
    • Not all of them (Explain)
    • I don't like any
    • Potato
  3. 3. Do you have any concepts of your own for ES's that you think are better?

    • Yes I do... (Specify)
    • Concepts? What's that?
    • Maybe, but I'm not sharing
    • Meh!

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  • SoulGuardian.6203 changed the title to Which ones are your favourite class and Elite Specs?

make spellbreaker a viable support spec, make a trailine dedicated to shouts and healing, embrace Warhorn as an actual support weapon, instead of nerfing it!


I literally can't play anything besides DPS on my warrior in instances and it's just sad.

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In answer to your questions

1) Ranger, Warrior and Thief, but thats because I know what they are and don't have to look at the wiki to work out what their skills do.

2) Not all of them. I don't like playing Guardian because I find it far too easy to play. Though saying that I've played Firebrand for less than 2500 hours so realistically I might not have a proper feel of that Elite.

3) Ideas? Sure, let me know what time the next "Not so secret" Developer chat channel is and I will post them there.......

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1) Guardian

2) Praise Firebrand

3) I would go after the utility side of the spec. Juggle some boons around, maybe put them more into the tomes, since they have longer cooldown after you go out of the tome. We're just a boon factory with two types of abilities that are instants (shouts and mantras). I would slap the support build pretty hard -> HFB to be specific.

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1. Mirage regardless of state still most visually/aurally appealing.

2. There's so many would be difficult to like them all.

3. Yes I really would like a hammer mesmer, but given virtuoso has already filled some thoughts I had for that, now would be looking at heavy crowd control and support. We haven't had a 2H elite weapon yet, and already have sufficient ranged options but zero 2H melee. Unless they made the melee long/shortbow a reality (aoe/cone <600 range cc spec).

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Mesmer: Gunmage

You can now weild a main hand pistol.

The Gunmage brings out a more sinister and ruthless side to the mesmer. It invokes dark magics to imbue and load your guns with magical dark power that increases damage significantly while inflicting conditions.

Your pistols can continuously fire bullets at a faster rate than any other class. Once ready, your special skill will fire a rapid burst of bullets in a 360° motion while you spun around, finishing with a massive shot of dark energy on target,  that will explodes on impact.


Elementalist: Devastator 

You can now use a Great Sword.

Your Elite skill is transferred to the GS that you can now weild permanently. 

Eles have finally mastered the Great Sword. The devastator focuses more on damage while sacrificing healing. But they have no much need for it, as they are as tough as they come. Focus the elements to deal devastating attacks such as a homing meteor that follows target and deals a massive explosion on impact, a sphere of lighting that hover above target and spreads bolts to all foes in the area. 

And perhaps the most devastating of all... eles have recovered the knowledge of the meteor shower. Knock your foes down in the target area, while inflicting burning.


Necromancer: Summoner

You can now weild a main hand sword.

The summoner has mastered the art to invoke spirits to use necro minions as vessels, giving minions new skills and abilities, as well as the art of mutation.

You gain various levels of mutation, and minions will transform to new beasts according to the level you use.

At max level, their minions will become a force to be reckoned with.


Guardian: Paladin

The paladins gain a massive new tower shield, and a Lance.

Guardians have revived the lost art of the paladin.

They focus mostly on defensive tactics while charging their lance attacks.

They use shielding to protect the entire party from attacks, creating Shields in front of all allies in the area.

Once their charge is ready, the paladins can launch a devastating Lance attack that is unstoppable. Knocking down all foes in their path.


Revenant: Invoker

You can now weild a main hand Axe.

While previous Rev's nature was to use legendary powers to become the legend. The invoker learned the ways of the ritualists, and are now able to release the legendary spirits to fight along side them for a period of time. This is taxing however, as Rev's will be exhausted with weakness if they let their energy run out, and will gain more benefits if they contain the legend instead of releasing it. But once they do, the legends can deal devastating attacks on foes.


Warrior: Envoy

The warriors have learned to weild a bladed stave.

Balthazar returned and has blessed warriors as their favourite, and gave them the power to imbue their weapons with fire. 

The new ability based on momentum, fills up the harder you hit your foes. When ready, the momentum will imbue your current weapons with fire; dealing burning on foes, or alternatively use the special skill when maxed out, that gives warrior chained double blades to deal devastating attacks with new skills.


Engineer: Steampunk 

The engineer embraced the future, and Jade Tech. They have learned to upgrade their turrets into bots that transform into various weapons, including shield-like bots that hover, and surround the engie for protection, but also fire a laser beam when charged.

The engie also upgraded all of their utility weapons with jade tech.

They now have a charge bar that becomes more effective the more you use them.

At max capacity, the weapons and turrets can deal massive damage to foes.


Thief: Shadowdancer

Thieves can now weild double kamas.

Similar to mesmers, thieves have learned the art of illusion. Use magic powders that induce hallucinations on foes. Confused them with clones, then attack from behind.

Thieves can now perma stealth during night time. 

But on the flipside, their stealth isn't very effective during the day. They can now be spotted in the day time, having to rely on proper skill to survive... by using new utility skills, such as shuriken, smoke bombs, and magic powders to create confusion and illusions.


Ranger: Hunter

Rangers can now use a rifle.

Hunters have the ability to use dual pets in exchange for pet swap; or you can go solo at the press of a button, gaining access to stealth skills.

However, when solo, your pets aren't far behind. Use Utility Skills for them to do a single quick attack and hide again. But if you are stealthing, you will be revealed.


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  • 1 month later...

Alright, I’m a warrior main. By far my favorite spec is Spell Breaker, I think it’s the best designed spec in the game. Least favorite spec is Bladesworn. I just really don’t like how it plays, its very spammy and relies on stacked mechanics to be functional. It’s worth noting I mostly play competitive modes. 

As for espec alternatives (or class alternatives in general), you can look through my profile for numerous suggestions for are working a lot of old warrior weapons/trait lines. The one I would like to mention is my proposed alteration to spell, to make it a more valuable boon counter in competitive modes. That would be to make all boon rips performed by a spell to become boon steals, providing Spell access to boons in proportion to the class it is fighting. Then altering Phalanx Strength to go from sharing might to sharing all boons you apply to yourself. This would quickly transform spell into a viable boon-counter support with a variety of builds. If you are interested in more changes to spell to give it a more diverse set of play styles, you can look here ; 

I only have 1 recommendation for an espec ever, which is this if anyone cares, It’s called the Wrath Crafter (obviously for warrior);


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Favorite Classes: Necromancer, Engineer(second)

Favorite Elite specs:

  • Scourge
  • Holosmith
  • Mechanist
  • Harbinger
  • Scrapper

Do I like all of the classes and their elite specs?

No. Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, are all classes I'm pretty low on. I have things I like about each but not enough to push up them above the others.

Why I don't like these elite specs:

  • Berserker: Not my thing.
  • Spellbreaker: Not my thing.
  • Untamed: Not my thing.
  • Soulbeast: I don't like removing the pet.
  • Tempest: Kinda clunky.
  • Weaver: Too complicated and not fun to play.
  • Catalyst: Takes everything I don't like about tempest and weaver and fuses them into one. Literally the only elite spec in the lowest tier for fun for me, even lower than just running core.

Do I have concepts for elite specs I think are better? (Yes)

I think we all do. Kinda hard not to come up with your own that you love. Although I don't want to replace any elite specs, like even though Reaper is one of my least favorite among the classes I play on my favorite class I don't want to replace it with something else. So lets see. I have a lot.

  • Diabolist: Necromancer minion master elite spec. Shroud skills are replaced with F skills like scourge. F1 summons temporary minions unless traited for and F2-4 are command skills to have them preform an action. F5 is the shroud skill. A 3 second shroud with 2-3 charges with a 15 second cooldown. It sacrifices one of your minions to grant you barrier and cause the minion to explode dealing damage. Traits influence shroud 1 through death triggers unless traited otherwise. This spec gets a shield or hammer as their weapon and uses Order skills which grant bonuses to your minions or allies if you trait for it. Orders typically sacrifice health making this elite spec extremely glassy over all in contrast to the more defensive minion master we see normally. Focuses on two primary conditions, Poison and Confusion. Its support build is a bit different from other support builds providing burst healing and powerful utility like stability, condition transfer and superspeed. It does not provide either alacrity or quickness, preferring to support in a way through high damage and high healing with added utility.
  • Vampire: Don't have a better name for it. But a necromancer elite spec that uses either a sword or longbow(preferably long bow) that infuses their shroud with their blood, boiling their blood for power. Uses glyphs which are green normally but become empowered while either in shroud(This spec could use utility in shroud) or when you begin bleeding they begin to glow red. Uses Marks, bleeding and life stealing for a high damage spec with high mobility. Although the issue I have with this idea is Harbinger does a bit of what I wanted this spec to do. Not fully but its a work in progress idea.
  • Armorer: Engineer elite spec which replaces the toolbelt with a sort of "Shroud" where the user enters power armor and gains new skills. Inspired by games like Megaman and Metroid this would use a unique mechanic of an auto attack that can both be clicked rapidly to fire off many shots or held down to charge up a large energy blast which pieces enemies with its energy ball goodness. Other ideas include traits which modify the armor to be melee or changing out the charge shot for an Icebeam which would use my idea of replacing all chill sources with a new condition called Frostbite that stacks in intensity and damages over time with a lower overall soft CC debuff than chill. Other ideas include having a grappling beam, a shield you can shoot out like the megaman power up where he protects himself with 4 leaves, a missile volley, dash attack/dash jumping, dodging to fully charge your charge shot and even another unique idea where skill 4 and 5 while using the armor are toolbelt skills that can be slotted from the choices from your utility skills making it so your 5 power armor skills are entirely customizable through traits for 1-3 and 4-5 through your utility making this a very unique spec.
  • Spiritcaller: A guardian elite spec which uses warhorn and its virtues act as aoe circles which follow you when activated that provide benefits to allies or hindrances to enemies. This elite spec would summon spirits to aid in combat with their actives and passives being more mobile in nature than the nature spirits of Ranger. Likely this would be a support spec which some decent AoE. Likely providing alacrity and healing and possibly barrier.
  • Oathbreaker: A bit of a cheesy and edgy one, this is very popular among people who want to play as the fallen paladin. This would corrupt the virtues into vices and their influence would be centered around harm instead of aid. This elite spec would gain access to corruption skills, use daggers and gain the use of Torment and fear as conditions. Their Symbols will all also be corrupted becoming blackened and sap vitality from foes.
  • Wildheart: Ranger elite spec which gains access to Scepter+focus and rather than having 2 pets to swap to they gain multiple of one type of pet. Each of their skills are designed to support a menagerie with the skills granting unique bonuses based on the different pet families you could choose. This spec would use cyclones, storms and rain along with pets to overwhelm foes as a summoner of woodland creatures.
  • Shaman: Elementalist elite spec which becomes specialized in a single element rather than in all for. Its hyper focus allows them to gain bonuses to their choice that other elementalists can't achieve. This spec uses a greatsword and gains weapon swap to make of for its lack of attunment swapping.
  • Celestial: Elementalist elite spec which uses a longbow and gains access to a 5th element of light or heart or whatever you prefer. I don't have much in the ways of ideas on how this one would work except that its weapon would be called Shooting Star or Sparkling comet.

This is about it from me for right now. There are a lot of Idea's I've had over the years but I'm starting to get a bit weary on the number of them I'm posting. And these ideas are more ones I think would be most fun for me. FUN is the most important part about this after all.

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Favorite class

Juust warrior Main since Release #freewarriors xd! (Main pvp-Player but also does some instanced pve stuff from time to time)


Do you like all e-specs

Would say core warr is my lonely love. How ever I also like spellbraker and Berserker. Aside this i dont like bladesworn just in pvp, in pve however its a cool spec that shines specialy against solo bosses!


Any concepts for e-specs

Ah yes of course. To me its time for a support sided warrior e-spec. (Would also made sence since all those reworks to the Support side of warrior)

This would end up been a paragonish style class that goes for dmg/boon support ranged skills. This e-spec should be  focused on working well with tactics and banners.


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1. Which ones are your favourite Classes and Elite Specs.

Favourite Classes:


Favourite Elite Specializations:



2. Do you like all of the Classes and their respective Elite Specs?

No. Most of elite specializations are at most scratching the surface of their potential and possibilites. For example Elementalist and Tempest: core class could focus on all 4 elements, meanwhile Tempest could become a focused master of the Wind element, yet we've only got some pepe gastric problems of 4 different flavors at best. Same goes for Weaver, which instead of mastering and controlling mixed elements (Fire+Earth=Magma; Fire+Ait=Plasma; etc.), we've got some discount teef. 

The same problem goes for all classes, which is dissappointing.

3. Do you have any concepts of your own for ES's that you think are better?

Yes, a lot, too many.

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My favorites would be Mesmer, Warrior & Elementalist. With special mention to Revenant, whome I both love and hate. Very buggy. 


I don't like Specter, Druid, Deadeye, Holo, Mechanist, Firebrand, Renegade (No-terrain Kalla), Vindicator, Bladesworn (used to be fun in PvE when it was a gimmick 1 shot mechanic, with 800k crits. But it's design is sloppy)

If I could make any specs, they would be:

    •  Greatsword Thief (Person to person teleports, heals for equal duration as stealth. Heals for every target he blinds. Basically, a teleporting unstoppable juggernaught that is constantly latching to people, not super high damage, but kind of leaps from shadow to shadow. But cannot stealth, and has no additional locational teleports. It's all about staying in a fight by evading strikes by moving between people. Then stabbing them in the back for massive damage if you extract enough shadow energy
    • Torch Elementalist (mainhand with weaponswap) which upkeeps a flame that empowers his fire skills. Torch 3 starts the fire buff. Fire attunment has no cooldown, but you can double attune when you build enough heat (from your flame upkeep). You grow the flame by attuning to fire and then air, but lose some if attuning to earth or water. If you reach a threshold on heat, you can double attune to fire to get extra skills. These skills are the same across any weapons. But they deal massive aoe damage, like an archon mode. You gain huge buffs and take reduced damage and damage all foes who get close. However, while in this mode, you take constant damage, the only way to remove this effect is attuning into water and earth, and it'll reduce flame intensity, but it doesn't just turn off right away. The gameplay is managing this buff (flame) after you activate it with your torch, and trying to keep yourself as hot as possible to unlock the Flame Archon mode and purge off some heat with water and earth to prevent yourself from melting under your own heat. 
    • Monk Warrior with staff that is specialized at hitting pressure points, he can spec for either massive delayed damage or massive instant/delayed healing. He basically hits people with his staff to heal them, or bashes them with his staff to debilitate and ultimately kill his enemies. He's mostly a support, but can manage well due to his burst damage. He'll have concentrations as utilities, life force powered abilities, that allow him to escalate the healing or debilitations. Has got 1 utility that allows him to focus to remove conditions, 15 second cooldown, 3 conditions. Otherwise, no condi removal extra. He doesn't have condi clense for allies (without shouts), but has huge ranged targeted concentrations and strong self buffs (hitting his own pressure points).
    • Phantom Guardian with extra weapon kit (like holo) that is kind of like a giant hand. It can be used to smack people around or hold them, and also shield allies or block attacks from one direction. It's like a heavenly palm that the Phantom uses to control the battlefield. They use Shield Main hand, and have wells, which are giant punches from space from your Phantom hand. They continue to affect the area. This is a support defensive character, who would aim to prevent allies from taking damage and keep enemies controlled. No boon support of note. Just constantly bombarding and smacking the battlefield with a giant blue hand. 


That's all I can come up with now, but I'm sure a lot of great ideas are around to draw inspiration from.

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*Favorite classes:

  • Elementalist
  • Thief
  • Warrior
  • Engineer

*Not fond of of any of their EoD variants

For elementalist: Since I main staff Tempest has been a god send since its overloads give me CQC options outside of fiery greatsword. While weaver has a high skill floor it's finesse makes it well rewarding once you get the hang of it. With lightning rod s/d being my favorite setup. As much as I try to like catalyst it just doesn't bring anything too frantic other than the Jade spheres.


Thief: PvP in the vanilla years got me into thief since it could be played like a TF2 spy and soon after I realized how well I could res ppl I turned ninja nurse. Daredevil is what made s/p really viable for me due to bound and has been  my main setup for the longest. The tankiest build I ever made was on Deadeye, taking full advantage of maleficent seven and the old cloaked in shadows. On top of a specific set of bruiser stats that still to this day I keep it hush hush. Spectre is nice for the most part but its mechanics feels more like a novelty trying to emulate necromancer and its clunkiness with the scepter makes it off-putting.


Warrior: Despite its nerfs over the years I just like the evasive finesse of core gs/rifle warrior. Especially with the original infiltration runes. With gs & sw/axe being my go-to for melee dps in WvW zerg fights. I find Berserker to be very fun... reckless, but still rewarding when everything hits, plus its the only spec that makes condi warrior viable. Spellbreaker was a very nice concept considering there was too few viable anti support builds. Plus glass s/d is my favorite one-trick-pony build. I liked Bladesworn in beta but couldn't bring myself to actually enjoy in during EoD launch. I feels too clunky with shout cheese the only thing that's keeping it viable. I also doesn't help that our main weapon is heavily neutered since the spec locks out the burst skill.


Engineer: Being the first class I mained I like the idea of engineer being a non-spellcasting class. Relying on building defenses like an actual combat engineer. And running rifle engi was pretty fun before the traitline change of 2014. Scrapper is pretty nice but remembering how it was in the early HoT, and seeing how its played now makes me adamant on using it. Holosmith had the opposite effect on me now that I like the class. At first I brushed it off as a warrior-but-better, but after some years I realized how well the utilities fit into engineer's niche.


As good as machinist is, much of my hate towards it stems from jealousy. Since people been asking for turrets to be buffed and modernized for years but the reasoning against that was to prevent overpowered AI, enabling passive play. And yet here we are with an AI that's mobile, healable, and susceptable to boons with better hp, range, and damage than turrets.

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