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Favorite Farming Map

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For a quick, profitable run with a meta that rotates frequently and LOTS of chests, it's still hard to beat Bitterfrost Frontier.

Berry nodes and frozen chests can be harvested with minimal combat, making it even faster.

And chances are, by the time you've done one circuit mopping up both, the meta will kick in, after which all chests will respawn.


And the berry nodes may take 24 hours to respawn, but they're farmable on every character.

As Bitterfrost is the only place to get Ascended waterbreathers outside of crafting, it's always worth doing a round or two in order to work towards one (or more).

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I tend to bounce back and forth between Drizzlewood and Dragonfall - DW when I get tired of DF's crazy terrain, DF when I get tired of DW's flat sameness. Though it's admittedly more annoying to farm up keys for DF.

Dragon's Stand is good for a different meta setup, where instead of bouncing around tagging all the events you stick with a single lane and slowly push it forward. Plus there's nascar racing and treasure mushrooms to murder afterward!

Octovine is a great meta to catch the tail end of with a fat treasure room to loot afterward, but I don't usually do the pylon pre-chains outside of AB bauble week.

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I enjoy farming different maps. Not just stick to a certain area so it's never boring. Unless it is to farm certain items, I may stick to an area for an extended amount of time. Examples such as RIBA for obsidian, empyreal, bloodstone and dragonite; Bitterfrost for Unbound magic farming and dragonite; LW S4 maps for Volatile magic farming, etc. (Farm currencies for magic); PoF maps for orichalcum farming. Used to spend lots of time on HoT maps but only go there occasionally now. Of course, main areas of concentrations are those that yields the highest amount of gold.


Currently, spend lots of time at Echovald and Dragon's End for certain items and also because they're great for gold/hour. Putting this in spoiler because I have no wish to debate this since some would take the opportunity to bash EoD if given the slightest chance.


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Depends on what I'm farming of course, but for overall...Drizzlewood.  I do enjoy RIBA in Silverwastes for just a big continuous run as well.  I have go-to maps for wood and ore, like Malchor's Leap or Dry Top, and end up running metas or events there often.  

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I bounce from map to map, but a few of my favourites are:

Bjora Marches, Drakkar and the keep meta award Eternal Ice, and lots of it, you can buy LW4 currency and use that to buy asc accessories, or use it for volatile magic and buy crafting coffers with said volatile magic. Drakkar also has a small chance to drop a asc weapon coffer and the Winter's Heart Infusion, whitch sells for a lot of gold, around 300 to 400. It also rewards some crafting mats and unidentified gear.

Bitterfrost, I mostly play this just to gather Winterberries for gear, but the meta and chests can be profitable too.

Verdant Brink is great for getting cheap exotic armour, and can be profitable depending on how good your drops are with airship cargo. Hell, all HoT map's are good farming/meta maps.

Domain of Istan's Palawadan can be good for volatile magic, mats, and unidentified gear. 

ALL of Cantha's metas all follow one another, you can start in Seitung Province and do every following meta in the region. They award a ton of different coffers, backpacks, and unitendifed gear, and are not very difficult. Ecovalds meta even gives shot at a stat selectable exotic backpack that can be upgraded to asc in the Mystic Forge. Avoid Dragons End though, I hear nothing but bad things about that map's meta.

There's also of course Drizzlewood and Dragonfall, but everyone knows about that, try different maps!  You can still make a profit, and even get asc gear, if you bounce from map to map and meta to meta, it helps keep things fresh.


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1 hour ago, SamuelW.2685 said:

if you bounce from map to map and meta to meta, it helps keep things fresh.


Quoted for truth.  

Mine isn't a direct answer to OP's question, but I try to avoid repetitive farming as much as possible.  I guess you could call me a credit-card farmer instead.  When the gold <-- --> $USD exchange rate is single digit cents per gp, my time is far too costly to do repetitive 'work' for like a dollar an hour.  

Granted, I don't really play the fashion endgame meta, so map-currency specific skins and such don't appeal.  The only grindy nonsense I endure are meaningful upgrades like mounts.

Even so, huge respect to the map meta/farm experts out there.  It's fun to very occasionally tag along.

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