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Research Paper + Video Of Warrior's Problems & Simple Solutions Of How To Fix Them (18 Pages +Took ~200 Hours)


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Paper Link For Tables & Reference: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b7_NJQYYgjBDJ-JMSM63X0IFQ3o_8oJdtGmKN4scQhs/mobilebasic


Video Link: 




I think this is especially relevant now. This may be a repost so not sure if I e of my Guildies snagged it when I originally finished it. For what it's worth this video is also not monetized.

I am an avid warrior player. It's my favorite class to theory craft on & I feel one that has been unfortunately short-changed for a while now. From what I've seen the community seems universally upset about the homogeneity of PvE classes (different issue) but also the seeming lack of understanding of the state of the Warrior & Elementalist classes right now.

I can't speak for Ele but I put about 200+ hours of work into putting this together pre-EoD release so I'd like to share it & hopefully get some positive discussion going around: What the main problems on Warrior are, & Easy solutions on how to fix them. (Ideally I'd like to see a complete overhaul mechanically in almost everything on the class at this point. But I'd also like to be able to fly, and I think both are about equally as likely.)

I stand by what I wrote in this video even now post-EoD. While definitely dissimilar in some respects I also feel like a lot of the ideas / sentiment that I wrote were shared by *** and **** in their write-ups from the thing that didn't leak and that we can't talk about.




My question to the community is: What in your opinion/experience are Warrior's main problems? Please keep mind that while something can be any of: Good VS Balanced VS Fun they are often not different things in different scenarios.

The TL;DR for me is: [Fast Hands] and Discipline in general, even shoutsworn notwithstanding, is grossly are overpowered & seems to be something that Warrior design has been balanced around them always having, rather than iteration on their other skills & traits. Despite it still not being baseline.


To Me:

For PvE: Axe Berserker F1 affords them the ability to never have to change iterate or balance other components of its kit because it's literally a 1-button rotation.


For: PvP / WvW: Same problems as both above except ["Shake It Off!"] And [Bull's Charge] / The shout trait so heavily outweigh every other option that these are the only things that ever get changed.

What are your thoughts my Warrior crew? Main problems here & then maybe we can get into fun suggestions like making [Stomp] a vertice Vindicator-like leap that ignores terrain, effectively giving Warrior's an actual movement skill without breaking the class fantasy. 😄


But what does everyone think?? I devoutly believe that if you're going to criticize something bad channel your energy into providing actionable solutions like I've done here. What are the main problems with Warrior & how can we all, devs & community, fix them?

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I think this is accurate. Strength and Discipline are broken to such a degree that if you wanted to use a trait line other than those two, it's often better to drop the elite spec than either of those two. However, those trait lines must be in the current state to make the warrior viable due to its underwhelming weapons and utilities. I don't think any amount of fine tuning will change this situation. Weapons and utilities need to be looked at first, then the lines adjusted, and finally, adren needs to be looked at as well. Even in gw1, if you were out of combat and gained adren, it wouldn't start decaying until after a few seconds. This lack of control we have over our class resource is quite damaging to the flow of the class. And yes, Fast hands must be baseline.

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