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Hey anet, people are mad


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I know you Guys don't Care, maybe don't even Look at this forums (outside of the Moderators), but these people are angry.

Most waited patiently that you gonna sit on pvp and so Something for the Game mode, you promised it Multiple Times.

Now Not only na but also EU are pretty much dead, we all saw how the devs Talk about their decisions. Man grouch, CMC you Guys we're once PvP supporters, what happened? Doesnt ncsoft pay PvP devs, do they rly only want Story and gemshop skins?

you Had easily the best PvP MMO in the market and since years you trample on it with 0 Care, this happened Not With the Feb patch, this was already Happening before. I was a Long Time a big coper but i rly believe PvP is done, you can't Recover from that Status. The Players are mad, every Match is a clownfiesta because the skillgaps are to big and the Rating doesnt Matter, you can be gold 3 or Plat 3 and still endup in the Same Matches With the Same players. I don't know If i ever saw such a Low participation in the monthly as it was in the Last one.

also btw, lowering the Skillgap by dumb down builds and increase the healing will Bring US (since YOU Guys dont Play) Not only the Bunker meta Back but also boring to Play builds. Oh boi who can Not wait for the bladesworn that gets a 10 Second stunlock but It can heal With shouts against it, while the specter and harbinger applys to everyone weakness that we do even more less DMG.

this Post went Long, but i am pissed to see that a conpany With 250 employs, let one Person Not even fulltime work on PvP while the Other devs Just do Things that doesnt even make Sense. Do you Guys don't have any time? Don't you have Guys that playing the Gamemodes or at least some classes at a somewhat decent Level that you can ask them If its okay to do Change x,y?

Man anet get your stuff done or the stuff is done

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