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So I Ventured in to Eternal Battlegrounds the other day....

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Figure I'll knock out a couple of daily quests and see what this WvW is all about.


Map chat is rather quiet, but that's ok, better than the usual Tom Foolery you (unfortunately) come across in Black Citadel. Oh look! A mentor tag. Cool, I'll head that way, and oh shoot, they're pretty far away, I'll just jump and glide my wa -




Err no. Apparently my gliding contraption made of Wolverine's exoskeleton doesn't work in here. Fine. I'll get on my Raptor and...hold on, I can't even use my Raptor? Sheesh. Nothing says "Free kills" like a person you can run down with your group (Ad Naseum it turns out).


Ask on map, and after a couple of minutes, a friendly soul replies I need a "War Claw" mount. Great. Wonder if the beast is kin to my Raptor?


Man, those "Sanctuary of Ral" guys are tearing it up. Must be a WvW focused guild. Wait, are they friendly or enemy? (Turns out enemy). Ok fine, you really want to defend that supply depot, this Charr will go someplace else.


Overhear something about a "track". Huh, learn something new every day. Let me see...oh, a "WarClaw" track. Cool. Alright well, I'll just capture these points..nobody around (makes me wonder if they're even important).


Success! Point captured. Head on to the next one, and wait, why is the "point" degrading? Never mind, at least the zone border turned green. 


Capture three points, but wait, the first one, is no longer under our control. The border is green, but the point is re-capturable. That's odd, I was watching the point and didn't see a soul. (At some point I felt like I was in a Zombie Apocalypse movie - not another soul in sight, but when the "Riding Dead" show up - it's game over)




Whew. Warclaw track finished. Open the box get my.....


Hold on....a "Warclaw Helm"? Where's the rest of the Warclaw?


At this point, not even dynamite would alleviate my frustration. 



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Hm, yeah, content that is rewarding for medium or longer term players can make it more difficult for new players to hop in.

WvW has always been a game type that takes some time to get rewarded for. And while the effort needed to get a Warclaw mount is far less than some of the premium mounts, it takes some time and effort.


And the reason why you are not allowed to use your regular mounts in WvW is mostly balance. The Warclaw is a relatively limited mount. Still useful but nowhere near the usefulness of the PvE mounts. Having fast raptors would make it too easy to avoid combat. Not to mention griffons, skyscales and springers.

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