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"Return to Previous Map" Option


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Dear Anet,Would it be possible to add the following option to all Portal Scroll Locations Asura Gate's, as it is in the Mistlock Sancuary: "Return to Previous Map"?Having spent Gems on the Divinity's Reach scroll and having a 2 week free pass to Mistlock Sanctuary recently, which I was v impressed with btw, wouldn't it be fair to add it to others?

Kind regardsVow

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@jheryn.8390 said:I believe that Anet said that Mistlock would be the only all inclusive area with a "Return to Previous Map."

I'm assuming that it is inside the mists and you cannot use waypoints to leave. You actually have to take the portal.

This is true regarding the portal and having to take it, but without having to purchase another portal scroll and the inconvenience of having to find the nearest WP to where you last left, especially the newer maps/expacs where there are few, wouldn't it be more convenient for anet to include it in an update?

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