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Let Deadeye grant Quickness to allies, when you can give Alac to Tempest and Quickness to Herald


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In the upcoming Balance Patch the Devs want to give Alacrity to Tempest and Quickness to Herald by changing of how the traits work.


Compared to these two elites, Deadeye already has a trait, that gives quickness to oneself:

"Be quick or be killed" (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Be_Quick_or_Be_Killed)


Besides the fact, that Deadeye is barely played in PVE-Endgame-Content - I know there are niche-builds like pylon, etc. - (especially not with Be quick or be killed), please consider granting the quickness also to allies.


Not a big deal, is it? 🙂

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Well, Fire for Effect Deadeye still remains as the one 10-target perma Might class - too bad now everyone will be able to have might easily and you did have to invest heavily into boon duration for it. While it would be nice to have quickness, I hope they wouldn't implement it like they did with alac tempest or quick herald: both are currently looking awful and will remain unused if the numbers are not tweaked or even the application scheme entirely overhauled.

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