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This change is not that bad.

Erick Alastor.3917

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At least conceptually. < (you can visually check the comparison)

Please check the above image before commenting.

Adding to the image I'd say that if they would rework 
Destruction of the Empowered: Deal increased strike damage per boon on your target.
- Damage Increase: 3%

to something like
Empowered to Destroy: Deal increased strike damage per boon on yourself. - Damage Increase: 3%

Some pain could be lessened.
We already have a weaker version of that (in tactics), so it may be redundant, but it's just an example, we need some form of reliable boost to dmg.

With a change like that, in a scenario with all boons (quite unrealistic I know), an old pberserker would have increased its dps from 33k to 37k.
But again we are talking about an unrealistic scenario and about old pbs dps, pre-patch.

So even more could/should be done. 
I also doubt anyone likes having to carry around banners, we moved away from that long time ago and ppl were happy about it, it's weird Anet decided to revert that change, it's just extra clunkiness.

But back on the changes, I believe the intent behind them is quite good, having to rely less on specific party compositions or specific skills will overall improve the consistency of our dps, well as long as said dps will be looked into and improved accordingly.

I want to think positive. We'll find our spot even if we lost our spotter.
Never give up! 

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You see they can't do this because they try to put support traits in major spots in tactics without addressing the minors that usually are the core of support! 

Like Mending Might applying barrier to allies you share might with and flat out remove Empowered from tactics, which does exactly what you propose for the reworked Destruction of the empowered to do. 

Imo, Destruction of the empowered is ok. PvErs don't like it and PvPers don't need it, but for any form of DPS WvW zerg warrior, it's a way of punishing boon stacking to a degree. 

Also if Empowered is reworked in Tactics I'd simply move Soldier's Focus with Heal on Burst into it. 

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No wait, I'm not talking about the Tactics line.
Things related to that line are another beast, the only reasoning I could give to changes over there is that Anet doesn't want War to be an healer, yet.
They're just considering a qDPS variant. How viable it will be I guess we'll soon discover.

What I was focusing most is the difference between the previous pdps berserker build, this, versus what we'll need to do to compensate for the changes to hit the crit cap, this

Losing banners per se won't be that big of a hit for warrior's dps, but they were something that made it attractive for the party so the change won't pass unnoticed obviously.

What I was trying to say tho is that, if Anet will somehow buff warrior's damage, the way the class will now reach the cap is a lot better than what it used to be.

Many people are angry about that 5% crit on the wrong line, but considering how well accuracy+fury+signet of fury aling to crit cap, Anet probably didn't intend for people to reach the that cap using that trait on a power build.

So all in all, (again) given that Anet will have to review warrior's damage at some point, I believe that at least the basis from where they'll start to build upon are better than what we were used to.

p.s. but still... the new banners picking mechanic is a step back.

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