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Follow up to the June 28 Balance Update Preview

Josh Davis.7865

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On 6/26/2022 at 8:32 PM, Loke.1429 said:

I was going to rant about how disappointed I was, but enough has been said by others. I hope they do a 180, changing balance team / approach, feedback collection and rework the patch. Tbh, many parts of the patch is quite good. Some parts are quite uesless / show lack of understanding. The awful ones are warrior, catalyst and how they implemented some new quickness / alac gain of certain profs. Given the information on reddit, they have some firebrand, mechanist, scrapper, willbender, virtuoso and harbinger (etc) nerfing to do ASAP. For me this is the most insane part of this patch, that they DARE to leave their favorites so far ahead STILL, and that studio managment seems to be IS onboard with that level of favoritism. Disgusting.

I underlined the part I believe you want to immediately solve here. Thanks for making the right choice and communicating. Not trying to sound rude, but please note that we also need to see results improving here really.

32 minutes ago, Josh Davis.7865 said:

From there, we’ll be reading your feedback, evaluating the impact of the changes, and determining our next steps. We’ve added a follow up balance update to our release schedule in the coming weeks to address critical issues. Then, in mid-fall, we’ll have our next major professions update.

Ok Josh, I hope you personally ensure the swift nerfing of firebrand, mechanist, scrapper, willbender, virtuoso and harbinger (etc) in the modes they are so broken in. My anti-favorites radar was broken from going off the charts, so I cant deal with that anymore (as I wrote in first quote I'm downright disgusted). Also force your balance devs to play all the game modes and not just solo cap camps in wvw during less busy hours. Also putting considerable playtime into the classes they directly balance and some playtime into all the others would help. I believe it is necessary...

32 minutes ago, Josh Davis.7865 said:

To those that have chosen extreme toxicity

I did not partake in anything extreme considering the circumstances, but please acknowledge that there was very toxic behavior on both fronts. Yes I am salty as fk. You dont want your customer to feel this way.

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@Josh Davis.7865thank you for this post. I appreciate it.

I'm sorry to hear that there were death threats, and agree that calls for firings are inappropriate.

It looks like you have ideas on how to change your systems and communication. I'm hoping that behind the scenes there is also a serious conversation happening about ArenaNet's internal culture and what you want it to be.

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6 minutes ago, Tycura.1982 said:

Does that mean the official stance is to back what was said in those discord chat logs? My job would fire me if I spoke about customers in such a way.

Good thing the difference between "to" and "about" are absolutely massive, then, isnt it. 

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