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Twilight III Gloominator (haaalp pls)

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In a little pickle at the moment with Dusk and the Gloominator~ done more than half all fine, but when I get to Cereboth ....In that little ball shaped part right where the veteran and the chest are- I hear it use but it doesn't activate- doesn't do the achievement either 😞

Cereboth's Darkness link

I've stood on every single pixel in that area and repeatedly tried~ 


#note: to counter "just buy it" lol.... no pls xD

I just want to make 1 legendary, im not even keeping it lol~ I don't really pve much so 3508 days for MAP completion is a huge milestone for me, I just want to finish what I started

I already purchased 17 legendaries over the years in the meantime :'D 

just....don't.. know why this 1 I can't get to work 😕



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Is this for Cereboth's Darkness yes? Im going to quote from an old forum post a player that was stuck also.  https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/game/gw2/Cereboth-s-Darkness-Twilight-collection-III/page/1#post5876451



Go towards the waterfalls. When ur facing the waterfall go west. There should be a small cave there with a bunch of cave trolls insde and a veteran troll right next to a rich iron ore. Spam your gloominator to where the veteran troll is.


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Omg... I believe this helped...hahaha can't varify till I get home...BUT!!! It sounds like I'm heading the wrong way, im heading south along the river, the thing says towards the waterfall, which...kitten..is north a little bit, then West 😮

I guess mentally I picture waterfalls above me not below me :'D

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