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Gem Store fishing Rod

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2 hours ago, Greener.6204 said:

You may not be aware of this, but by providing feedback on these forums you are giving (most of) the rights to your feedback away to Anet. They do not have to pay you if they use your idea.



Specifically section: 2.2.2 Ownership and Rights.

lets not stroll to much off topic, thank u 

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4 hours ago, Balsa.3951 said:

If u want sell them give them a functionality like show day/Nightime and dusk/dawn

different color at different times of the day. 

Free gems to me if u take the idea thanks

Why should they give you free gems for your idea? 

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1 minute ago, Balsa.3951 said:

Im happy Anet has so many lawyers in the forum who protect their finacial interest but be asured they dont need u.

Fishing Rod functionality is the topic of my suggestion 


and yet it is of little interest it seems. 


Dusk/dawn indicator should be in the game by default now that fishing is relying on it (and there is a difference between EoD and the rest of the game). I personally disagree that it should be paywalled.


The other suggestion amounts to: give us fancy fishing rod skins, which the developers are already doing.


As far as gems, everyone is free to ask for whatever they like.

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