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How about 10 PLAYER version of dungeons?

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Honestly I really enjoy the dungeons as they are, and enjoy the way they're moving forward with strikes.


I'm almost certain they could improve dungeons, but I don't think making them 10 man is it.


Making early-game content require 10 players just makes it less accessible to newer players/lower level players, as they now need to find double the amount of players to do the content.

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It would be nice for them to improve the existing dungeons but other than that I like the progression that they have towards end game content, even if it's not explained well: Dungeons -> Fractals ‐> Strikes -> Raids. I wasn't going to try to shoe horn DRMs in there because they are super easy. Maybe DRMs would be inbetween Dungeons & Fractals?

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There are a lot of content with resource already exist but they either dont care of dont realize they can do it.

For example in W1-W3 you can add CMs to all raid bosses by just adjustment a few variables which can even be done by interns.
For example on VG you can change the green variable from 80% to 200% or a static damage of 100,000 or taking seekers and implementing a new damage of 20,000 per tick and I can give you a lot more examples.

You will not meet any new mechanics but the fight sure does becomes more interesting by playing with variables.
And if you really want to tryhard and implement a new mechanic just spawn the guardians mid fight on a timer.

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